July 5th, 2010

Be Mine

Wherein we are back in seventh grade, but with better hair.

Do you like me?


Do you *like me* like me?


Mandatory clicky button for those who choose not to engage in my shenanigans.


"Pfft, no, are you kidding me?" reply option omitted because :P.

Also by mandatory clicky button I mean that I am mandated to supply one, not that you are mandated to click it. Not including a clicky button is a guarantee that all of the comments below will be complaints about the lack of clicky button.

I am overheated and exhausted. You?

Futzing around a little more

I have two more questions in the question/secret poll!

What question would you ask me?
Baby, I already have. :P

If Elayna comes to WisCon next year, would she be interested to attempt a reading with other Youthful Denizens?
I'm sure she'd love that! She's doing her first-ever reading at PiCon next month - good practice. :)


Working on Cicatrix takes a lot out of me, in that it pulls out a lot that I didn't know I still had in me; in context, a simple shh, shh from Kai ten years ago, remembered by Ash, makes my blood run cold. Things fall out of me and I see them naked on the page. I'm attempting to make catharsis into something to read aloud. I've done it before, mind, but not as fiction.

Kai has turned up on the page, and her colors and scents are blood and honey. And it is, of course, no coincidence that she turns up after ten years just as Ash is starting to uncoil a bit...


Oh, I would like a nap. And less heat. And more time. And a bit more insight into my new serial dreams. They aren't Cicatrix-related, thank goodness; they are, in fact, pretty mundane. But I don't tend to remember dreams on Lunesta (then again, its effectiveness has been wearing thin), and serial dreams are extremely rare for me anyway, and this is at least thrice now. Dear dreambrain: I'm Jilly, not Sophie.


So work-avoidant right now. Tomorrow, I post about Blogathon stuffs. No one reads on the weekend anyway.