June 30th, 2010


Odin's Day

Hello to new reader tinydaisy!

State of the 'song
Major exhaustion yesterday led me to nap 'til time to leave for Diesel. Fie.

My sister is
Home from the hospital and feeling okay-ish.

Elayna is
DAY 7, Wednesday - Jordan Valley, Beit Shean
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Link Soup
* A toy that teaches kids Braille!
* Cosplay, race, and gender.
* Gorgeous paper art.

Daily Science
Crystal memory allows efficient storage of quantum information in light.

After work, the edits I should've done yesterday, plus at least one of the poems on my docket please. Also I need to do organizational posts for Readercon and Blogathon. And I have got to touch base with my doctor about my back. And a few more scattered things - hrmph, yeah, this is going to be one of those days that I have to make a to-do list. Such is life.

Right, then. Let's get to it.


Is next weekend! And they still haven't finalized the schedule. o.O But yes anyway.

We plan to stage a guerrilla reading of Twelfth Night. When? Probably during Kirk Poland; if not, some other time. Where? We'll find a room. Who? Well, at the very least me, tithenai, csecooney.... and if you've expressed interest, I've lost track of you, so you should answer this poll.

Are you going to Readercon?


Are you interested in doing Twelfth Night with us?


Other things I am doing include the Rhysling Slan, the Mythic Delirium/Goblin Fruit reading, the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Reading ("Pruzy's Pot" you guys!), The Year in Novels and The Year in Short Fiction, and possibly some other things that are as yet unconfirmed and/or unscheduled. But certainly I'll be running around with feathers and seedpods in my hair, and certainly I'd love to see you. Also Elayna will be there!

Your Questions Answered, Part Four?

How would you describe me to a stranger?
It isn't so much what I say as how I say it. I can give the basic facts - your intelligence and wit, your total hotness, your sly smile, pertinent biographical info about your pastimes and career ambitions - but when I talk about you, my voice gets softer. An uncharacteristic bit of shyness creeps in. I grin. I have been known to blush. I could say the most stultifyingly boring things about you, but that pause before I begin would do me in every time.

what is your favourite(s) yarn colour, fibre, weight for knitting?
Color: Mostly jewel tones, anything very saturated with pigment.
Fiber: Anything soft. Merino, especially with some bamboo or silk. I have some pure silk I haven't decided what to do with. I can't abide acrylic or mohair.
Weight: Oh, anything from fingering to super-bulky! I haven't done anything in laceweight yet.

Is it possible to have a healthy relationship based in "unhealthy" desires? For example, a healthy S/M relationship from a desire to recreate an abusive situation.
Hm. I would need more detail. For example, if you were already in the healthy S&M relationship and decided to use that to reclaim your past trauma, yes; if you got into the relationship in order to recreate that and didn't have the underlying trust, I'd have a harder time seeing the healthy in that.

Poll is here!