June 29th, 2010


Tew's Day

Happy birthday to hypnagogie!

State of the 'song
Generally concerned and fussy.

State of 'song's sister
No new news that I know of, and I don't want to call and risk waking her; more update later.

Elayna is
DAY 6, Tuesday - Masada, Dead Sea
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I had an unusual number of questions about Shayara in the recent question/answer poll. I am now wondering if there are any other things about it you're curious about...

Buy this!
saraphina_marie's new book is out!

I do not have a link soup today, as yesterday was all fretting about my sister, trying and failing to nap, and finishing the Neptune shawl (having had to rip back the fourth repeat and half the edging).

Daily Science
Swarm robotics.

Work. After work I actually get writing time yay. Mark has 'specially requested that I finish futzing around with "Maxfield Parrish Blue(s)" so I can submit it somewhere, so yes yes I'll do that today. Diesel tonight.
Mommy & Elayna 2010

Texts from family

"Hi, Mommy! I miss you too. The wildest thing happened. I rode a camel! And as soon as I got off, the guy who owned them dragged me to a stand, wrapped a scarf around my head, and put me on the *other* camel! We wound up buying the scarf. Then we went to the Dead Sea. It was impossible for me to stand...my legs kept floating out from under me. But then we went to the pool, which was very refreshing. I hope your day is as fun as mine was!"

Hee. Oh, baby, of course you bought the scarf, because the camel owner pegged your grandparents as marks the minute he saw you guys. (My parents can be upsold anything. It's bewildering.)

"Which was very refreshing" just cracked me up.

Her Gchats are more Elayna-ish and less traveloguey, but I'm guessing she's trying to save money by hypercompressing her texts (internet's not working where they are) and is quite aware that anything she sends via Grandma's phone (she left hers here) can and will be read by Grandma.

My sister
Will be going home today, after a night under observation. She says "It's not perfect but I guess they feel it's stable." Which doesn't really make me stop worrying. My aunt and uncle will be coming down from North Florida to look after her, at least. But yes, after last night's additional procedure, she's... stable enough, I guess?