June 28th, 2010



Happy birthday to Cap'n bodhifox!

Hello to new reader streamfern!

State of the 'Song
My back is still unhappy with me. Not like it was Saturday - but yesterday's minimal physical activity made it twingy. Yeah, I'll call the doctor.

Elayna is...
In the Jewish Quarter of the Old City. Collapse )

She's been Gchatting with me during my morning, her afternoon. <3 She's tired and food-cranky, but enjoying Israel. Says she wants to be home, but not in the sense of not wanting to be there - she wants to have been, with all of the memories, but she'd like to be curled up watching Doctor Who on our couch.

Blogathon is a Month Away!
So if you're making things for my auctions, please do keep that in mind! And yes, I'm still accepting donations.

So the shawl I thought I could squeak a fourth repeat of the main pattern out of? Nope. Ripped back to the lifeline. On the plus side, I'm already back to half of the edging done.

Loving This.

Link Soup
* I want a pet AT-AT.
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* Reasons not to see Avatar: The Last Airbender.
* Play the pants game with Shakespeare.
* Street theater in traffic.
* Africa witnessing the birth of a new ocean.
* Oh, I like this story.

Daily Science
Two separate collaborations involving Indiana University scientists have reported new results suggesting unexpected differences between neutrinos and their antiparticle brethren. These results could set the stage for what one IU physicist calls a "radical modification of our understanding of particle physics."

Highly interrupted sleep last night + Adam being home and thus harder to write = me probably just crashing after work. I have Peer Supe tonight, but crampy exhausted girl may bow out.
Katchoo - Terry Moore

All prayers are "please" or "thank you", and this one is "please"

Prayers and energy and good thoughts, whichever of those you do, requested for my sister.

She's nowhere near as public as I am, so I won't go into details. But she is in the ICU, hopefully to be transferred out of IC and onto a different floor where she'll just be highly monitored. She fell drastically ill yesterday, and though they've given her the immediate treatment she needs and she's currently considered stable, they've not been successful at getting her heart rate back down to normal, and they are concerned about some other things, so she has a few more procedures coming up, hopefully all much less invasive than yesterday's.

Yesterday's upsets me. It was terribly painful, and Ali's not used to medical procedures anyway - and they wouldn't let her husband stay with her. Concerns about maintaining a sterile environment. Me, I would've said "so scrub me in." So would my dad. But it wouldn't have occurred to Ali or her husband that they could ask for that, so my sister, who is so young for her age that I literally can never remember her age off the top of my head and have to keep revising upward starting at 27 (she's 32; she still feels 17 to me), had to be afraid and alone and in a lot of pain.

She will be okay. But my parents are out of the country, her husband isn't awesome in a crisis, our grandmother is the opposite of helpful, and I am so far away; some of Mom's friends have come to help, but they can be a lot to deal with. I have told them I'll come if they need me. Ali says she'll be okay, but she sounds shaky. So.

Damned lack of TARDIS.

Anyway. Good thoughts, please? Healthy-body thoughts? Because yeah, she drives me up the damn wall sometimes, but she's still my kid sister.

EDIT @ 6:30pm: She had to have another procedure, but at least she's out of the ICU and in the room on the monitoring floor - basically a level of monitoring between ICU and a regular room.