June 25th, 2010



Happy birthday to dkollin!

Happy early birthday to robyn_ma, who advances a year over the weekend!

State of the 'Song
Tired (up at 4 this time). Emotionally, vacillating between normal and having mini breakdowns. Just the aaagh of Elayna being gone. She arrived safely, though.

Elayna Is
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Zoe Keating
I'm not kidding, you guys.

Post is here, and I'll answer the next round when I get back from work!

Always keep a pen by your bed
Especially if your medication knocks out your ability to walk up and down stairs and your higher brain functions before it actually puts you to sleep. Because otherwise you will wake up to a lovely scatter of pages across your dresser with your story ideas scrawled on them in bright blue nail polish, because that is what is handy.

Link Soup
* Covered in bees!
* I'm tempted to swipe this for an Arisia literature track FAQ. Speaking of which, the brainstorms list closes soon, so if you have any panel ideas, get them in!

Daily Science
For the first time, an animal has drawn a breath with lungs cultivated in the lab. Although preliminary, the results might eventually lead to replacement lungs for patients.

Again I say DUDE.

Friday Memeage!
Wearing: Light blue skirt with a pattern of green vines; two-layered mid-blue and light-green short-sleeved shirt. Wyrding Studios jewelry.
Reading: I'm back to the Lucrezia Borgia biography.
Writing: I have some editing and some short fiction to do, and I think one of last night's ideas wants to be a poem.
Knitting: On pause on the shawl because I am really concerned about the amount of yarn I have left and don't want to knit five more really long rows only to run out and have to rip back 20someodd. On pause on the scarf because I am out of yarn; more's on order and should arrive soon.
Planning: Writing afternoon. I was going to go out of town, but crazy trainfare and the pressing need to get shit done around here so I can focus on the writing while I have time for it, plus the need of a sleepover date with Mark... plans have shifted. So. At-home weekend, with sleeves rolled up and nose to grindstone.


Your Questions Answered, Part Two

what's your favorite gluten free recipie?
Adam improvises risotto. (Tell me that's not a hella sexy sentence.) I've asked him to write up some sort of basic guideline, but essentially: risotto. I like it best with butternut squash or mushrooms. <3

How much would it cost to rent you as my personal writer-monkey and keep you in the tower with naked boys and grapes until you write all of Shayara into a giant book of awesome that I may read?
Honestly, not that much. Room and board and a minimal books/yarn/music budget. I would love to be writing Shayara full-time.

where should i Move to?
What places do you love? What people do you love? Adam and I loved Chicago, DC (okay, he loved DC), and Boston, but we moved here because it had that critical mass of awesome people, plus public transit and good doctors. What are your priorities?

How do you find the time and energy to love all the people you love?
I... don't know how not to! Time is a challenge, energy doubly so. I'm glad I end up loving people who are just as happy to have a low-key evening in with pizza and episodes of Firefly as they are going out adventuring, because sometimes the former is all I can manage. But - I love. I love big. It doesn't take effort for me to love.

Wanna have lunch sometime when you're in the Central Square neighborhood?
Yes please! Also I e-mailed you with squee. :)

Isn't your daughter just made of awesome? (I didn't have a question, so I thought I'd give you an opening to kvell about Elayna.)

Is anyone ever going to give a shit about me and what I make instead of going stock silent or swatting me away?
I think people do. I - nyargh. I think this is a big conversation type of answer, not an anonymous one-liner, so I hope I see you soon and can get a better picture of why you feel that way!

Yo! Epistolary novel! Is this happening or what? (I know schedule's full, so at your leisure, but...epistolary novel!)
Your mom's an epistolary novel. Ahem. Yes yes yes, this can happen, but definitely not until the fall. And you've kinda got a lot going on this summer yourself! So hit me up this fall.

How do you make friends? Or rather, how would you tell someone to make friends (especially when moving to an entirely new city)? I ask because you have such a support group around you - I'm a little jealous.
I made friends before I moved here; as I said above, I moved here partly because we already had a support system here. Hm. In Atlanta I mostly made friends via LJ. In Florida, things started through work. In Vegas, I found a coffeehouse I liked the look of and became a regular, and soon people started stopping by my table. Do you have group-oriented hobbies? Interested in volunteering anywhere?

Anyone else got tips on this one?

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