June 23rd, 2010


Odin's Day

I did get a nap yesterday after all, so I seem to be caught up. Pain levels continue to be just fine.

Trip prep yesterday was not at all fun. Elayna was all teeth-gritty and tense and snappish. It was an afternoon and early evening of us pushing each other's buttons. Leverage cured that a little, but still. Argh.

She has For the Win and His Majesty's Dragon on Adam's Nook, and I'll be sneaking Shiver into her luggage. Photocopies of passports have been made. She has a little first aid kit, and it has her insurance card and passport number in it. As for water, fans, sunscreen, et cetera, my parents will be buying all of that there.

I do not want her to go. I've been posting less than is my inclination because all I've been thinking is how not-ready I am for this, and there's only so much of my whining I'll inflict on the general populace.

You Should Buy This.

Will have my story "And To My Wife..." and my "Nine Things About Oracles" poem in it. At the printers now! Every time I read "And To My Wife..." at cons, people ask where they can get it. Now you know. Go forth, consumers!

Speaking of Writing
A random Google Alert yesterday led to me Googling and finding out how completely ineffective Google Alerts is. Suffice to say that there are a lot more (really good) reviews of "Valentines" out there than I was aware of.

This gives me thinky thoughts that I don't have time to unpack now, but hopefully will later.

Link Soup
* Got $10? Michael Swanwick will tuckerize you.
* I love this post not only because it highlights the fact that rape prevention tips are all geared towards stranger rape when the majority of rapists are people you know and at least somewhat trust, but because its trigger warning made me lol.
* hangingfire has a brilliant Doctor Who filk idea. Only click on this if you have seen "The Pandorica Opens".

Daily Science
By emulating nature's design principles, a team at Harvard's Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, Harvard Medical School and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute has created nanodevices made of DNA that self-assemble and can be programmed to move and change shape on demand. In contrast to existing nanotechnologies, these programmable nanodevices are highly suitable for medical applications because DNA is both biocompatible and biodegradable.


Work, then a mad rush to gather up everything Elayna forgot to pack, then cab to the airport. No tonight plans. I assume that I will be curled up in a little ball or furiously scrubbing countertops.
Mommy & Elayna 2010

Life with 'song and Elayna, minus Elayna

An e-mail to my daughter, whose plane is currently taxiing to the gate in Newark:



Has she no mother to buy pants for her? Or a shirt, even? Is she not a millionaire at this point? How can she not afford a t-shirt and a sandwich?

Can Taylor Momsen crash in your room while you're in Israel so I can wash her face and feed her mac & cheese and teach her about pants?

Related: I miss her like crazy. Tomorrow will be worse because it will be 3:00 and she will not walk through the door. I managed to keep my shit together until she got on the plane, at least; they let us go through security with her and we mocked the crappy books in Borders and went "ooh" at a few good ones, and that was a good distraction.

Also, I lent her my first lace shawl; the pattern is called Travelling Woman, and I named the shawl itself Lady Vagabond. Fitting.