June 22nd, 2010


Tew's Day

Happy birthday to deliasherman!

Doin' okay.

So what do you pack for a foreign country?
Aside from the obvious clothes toiletries passport et cetera. Anything I might not think of? I know to pack her a light cardigan or wrap so she can cover her arms when necessary.

I am so not ready for her to go. Yes, I'm going to keep saying this. But when I get home from work today, we crank up the music and pack pack pack.

Link Soup
* Okay, Ke$ha gives me hives, but this Star Trek: TOS vid to the tune of "Tik Tok" is brilliant. Amazing editing! Also hilarious!
* Speaking of odd SF mashups, have some fashion illustrations with Star Wars characters.

Pretty much all of my other open tabs are action items. Tomorrow, after Elayna leaves, I will take care of that.

Daily Science
A surprising discovery about the complex make-up of our cells could lead to the development of new types of medicines, a study suggests.

Work, then packing. Hopefully Leverage will finally be done downloading so we can watch it after dinner.


Help the BARCC library! Anyone know of a good book for parents of adult survivors? Everything for parents seems to be for parents of survivors of child sexual abuse, but we're looking for something for parents of adult survivors of rape where the rape occurred as an adult, not as a child.