June 17th, 2010


Thor's Day

Happy birthday to happypete, scathedobsidian, shadowriderhope, and tisana!

Hello to new reader virtualvirtue!


Stuff Is Being Accomplished
Between resting-type stuff yesterday, I tackled many cleanup projects. The house is looking more reasonable. Which is good, because I can't concentrate on writing in a messy house; I am overwhelmed by guilt and can't focus.

Sleep Study
Adam had his last night. Wish us luck?

Link Soup
* I don't just want to watch this Batman porn movie; I kinda wanna be in it.
* RDJ will play the Wizard of Oz. !!!
* 24-hour zines. Hm.
* Rape, male victims, and why we need to care.

Link Soup: Daily Science Edition
* Supertaster!
* Strange Martian spirals explained.
* Enigmatic star could emerge from its gassy cocoon.

Work. When I get home, either nap or, given sufficient energy, keep plugging along with cleaning/reorg. No out-of-the-house plans tonight.