June 8th, 2010


Tew's Day

Happy birthday to tamidon!

Hello to new reader heavenscalyx!

So. Exhausted. Plus I have muscle aches in areas that puzzle me.

Volunteer Training
Is good so far! The group seems to be clicking. Yay!

You know those Ferris Bueller, Nick & Norah days; those days when, like Frank Turner says, "nothing really happens, yeah, but everything goes down"? That is the day sindrian and sariel_t and I had yesterday. Awesome.

I'm still surprised that we bluffed our way into the wine and cheese reception. The perfect hat, the waiter/historian, the grad student on his way to Iceland who communicated solely in gestures and iPhone typing, the "are we on the set of Real Genius?"; these things are more normal to me by now. But we did not exactly look corporate.

No Link Soup Today
Because I was out from 7am-10pm, so I am not exactly up on the goings-on on the 'net. Enlighten me!

Work (volunteer training again, yes), then nap, then I am really hoping to get to Diesel tonight.