June 3rd, 2010


Thor's Day

My daughter's cat just launched herself across the room, skidding to a spinning halt at my feet, and stared up at me. What, Victoria?

Happy birthday to ellyssian, we_happy_few, and mllelaurel!

I... seem... to be okay? Cautious optimism.

Settling back in
The suitcase is unpacked; the backpack is in progress. Next up, I sort out all the business cards and suchlike. I really dislike not being unpacked right away, argh.

You guys are awesome. 21 fantastic auction items so far! Goal is 48, so yes yes yes we want your handmade/recorded/printed niftiness, please and thank you!

Con Report
I may still not have time to write one for a bit, but check tithenai and csecooney's LJs for a general idea of what was been up to!

Link Soup
* sihaya09 has new shinies!
* Remember the Alot? Someone has, of course, created a knitting pattern for an alot. Elayna wants one to cuddle while she seethes over grammatical idiocy online, so I guess I'm learning short rows.
* Beyond Feminist Hulk.

Daily Science
If you love your cat so much that you can’t stand to be away from it — even for a hot second — you’re in luck: Sony Computer Science Laboratories (CSL) Inc has developed a liveblogging device for Mr. Mistoffelees and friends.

I don't care about the eyeroll you just did, I want one.

I need to do the Take Back the Sci-Fi Writeup for the work blog like now, because I have an extra half hour at home because I'll be in an offsite meeting all day. Like 9-5 all day. Ack. And so that is my day.

At Wiscon...

...if you perch upon the lap of a csecooney, she will write on you.

"There is salt in this flesh", that says. Cooney! However did you know?

Also, if you knit, several people will photograph you doing so.

(That is me starting a new shawl at a panel. I showed pattytempleton, who took both of these pictures - "All of this, things like that great big shawl I just finished? all just starts with these three tiny stitches.")