May 19th, 2010


Odin's Day

Happy birthday to qotcpcf!

Tired. Hey, guess what? swashbucklr snores, too.

I am making this shawl; I'm on the third of eight repeats of the big lace pattern.

This thing is all lace, and yes, it's the thing I was bouncing all over Twitter about on Sunday, because the pattern is OMG so intuitive and has flowcharts and my geeky crafty brain is singing. And! I figured out why lace shawls give me shit. It's because I lose count of the number of stitches I have in the big-as-forever stockinette section pre-lace, and then I end up not having enough and I try to fix it but that means either undoing hundreds of stitches or struggling to Make It Work, and no. This? I think there are like 15 stitches on the needle when you start in with the lace. That many stitches, I can keep track of.

But yes, it is so structured and mathematically elegant and I feel like this is me levelling up.

I'm knitting it with shimmery gunmetal hand-dyed merino sock yarn from Mind's Eye Yarns in Porter Square, and it is just freakin' gorgeous. It's theoretically for the Blogathon auction, but I may end up bidding on it heavily, because I fall more in love with it on every row.

s00j's StrowlerCon!
Has been shifted to October 8-10 in Woburn, commuter line accessible. I am helping organize it! I have a clipboard!

Facebook invite is here. We're still recruiting vendors; click here if you make stuff that fits the s00j/Strowler aesthetic! And I'll be in contact with some of you. There will be more about this later/tomorrow.

Stuff to Do in Boston
Via my colleague Dave: "Socializing for Justice is holding one of its biggest annual events this Thursday at Lir Pub on Boylston from 6-9pm, Connecting for Justice. Connecting for Justice usually gets about 120-150 people who come from all sorts of organizations and groups: pro-LGBT orgs like GLAD, environmental groups like the Union of Concerned Scientists, and people from gender-justice or performance groups like NOMAS-Boston and the Theater Offensive. Connecting for Justice is just about free; SoJust usually only asks folks to chip in $2 at the door. There are few more welcoming spaces in Boston that a SoJust event, and there's a dance party at 8!"

Also, Saturday, pirate pub crawl.

Link Soup
* Who you gonna call?
* 50 questions Lost needs to answer. (Note: I have not seen last night's episode.)
* The stories we tell ourselves.
* This post about performing gender kicks ass.
* Cigarette dispensers refurbished as book vending machines!
* Before the oil comes.

Daily Science
RNA 'dark matter' hinted at by previous studies of mammalian genomes may not exist after all. The mysterious matter refers to the large amounts of RNA that are copied from the DNA sequence, or transcribed, but which cannot be accounted for by the genes that have been identified so far.

Work, home, afternoon playtime, nap, Elayna's spring concert.