April 25th, 2010


Decluttering needs to happen

And thus:

Gazelle Edge for sale! $50 OBO. Hardly used, because stuff kept getting piled in front of it, and anyway now I walk a few miles to/from work every day, so I don't need it. Claimed by ioianthe!

Also we have an IKEA Poang chair in red that we bought when we first moved in, before the couch was here, before we realized that we had no place to put it. This is Victoria's favorite chair. So if you have cat allergies, be advised that, as much as I de-fur it, there is probably some permanent dander up in there.

The Gazelle wipes clean, so cat allergies ought not to be an issue.

Surprise BPAL reviews

Alice's Evidence: Rum-quince-cassis with prune and a bit of black ginger
In bottle: Sweet-fruity.
On me: Sort of a very dense rich sweet-fruity. Not my usual, but it is very interesting, and I'm pretty sure I like it. Bit of bite, too.

Brusque Violet: Violet petal, violet leaf, osmanthus, orris, mint, and opoponax
In bottle: ...mint + opoponax is very odd.
On me: I am getting a lot of dusty, fuzzy leaf from this one.

Ogygia: Sea air, kelp, and climbing vines, flame-singed cedarwood and juniper branches, cypress boughs, alder wood, violets, selino, parsley, glistritha, and white sage.
In bottle: *blink* My, that's sharp!
On me: *koff* That is still terribly sharp. *tosses it in the swap box, sekrit bonus imp for auction winner!*

The Little Sparrow: Dusty seeds, sedge, brown amber, and sandalwood.
In bottle: Yep, that smells brown all right. A bit prickly.
On me: Wow, that goes foul on me. Another bonus imp for auction winner!