April 12th, 2010



Happy birthday to onezumi and lifecollage!

Hello to new readers gunshotbeauty and limiinal!

Unsurprisingly, ouch + tired. Because, y'know, 5K.

Walk for Change
Deserves a full writeup later but it was AWESOME.

And argh.

Here's the thing. I have been so swamped, and I kept forgetting to check on the Explo due date.

And it's May 1.

So I have to come up with $4,575.00 by May 1.


$600 of that is a grant that hasn't yet been applied; e-mailed about that this morning. I should be able to get $2,000 from the grandparents. So essentially that's $2,000 we have to raise in two weeks.

In past years, some of you have offered items to auction or donate; I'm not going to outright e-mail people and solicit that, but if you want to, we'd love the help.

Next week is Elayna's April break, and that's when we'll be doing the annual Gojirawitz Girls Wind Tunnel Dreams crowdfunded fiction. This year we're taking a reader suggestion and doing one long story - wherein you tell us what to do! Your donation entitles you to a say. Depending on the amount of the donation, you get to insert items (antique doorknocker!), people (your mom!), plot twists (evil twin!), et cetera. Yes, this has the potential to get very silly very quickly.

We'll be deciding on which donation levels get you which amount of input this afternoon, and Elayna will be writing up her "this is why Explo is so important to me" post.

Link Soup
* New issue of Goblin Fruit!
* So the guy at Sound Bites is assaulting people now. Unsurprised. He's always been a dick. Also the food is terrible.
* murnkay lays the smackdown on the Catholic Church.

Daily Science
Using data from the Hinode spacecraft, a team of researchers from University College London (UCL) have revealed an immense magnetic structure that erupted to produce a dramatic solar eruption in late 2007.

Work, home, Explo fundraising planning. Hopefully writing time please please please. BARCC peer-supervision meeting tonight, then getting photographed with my co-bloggers.

Midafternoon Musings

The song that captures my mental state best right now: "St. Christopher is Coming Home", by Frank Turner.

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I am having a hard time with thoughts of my mortality these days. Irana's death hit hard, and there's been a wave of cancer in the SF community these days - and it's either a seizure or cancer (predisposed due to the celiac disease) that's most likely to take me out.

So I throw myself into social change work, because if I've got to go early I am going to get shit done before I do. And I do some other stuff that's less good for me; I'm... keeping an eye on myself. Self-awareness doesn't mean never fucking up, it just means being more likely to pinpoint the root cause of your fuckups.

I've been busy... so much lately...

I made a conscious effort to get to parties Saturday, where conscious goes as far even as pinging swashbucklr and saying "You should drive down from Vermont tomorrow so we can go to parties. And walk for change. And have some, ahem, quality time." Because I knew that, with parties going late, I'd miss the last bus - and with the Walk coming up the next day, I couldn't afford to. And, especially with the level of busyness at work this month, I needed social time.

People were surprised to see me. Heh. Hi, people! Yes, when invited, I tend to always want to attend. It's just a matter of navigation and energy level. And shyness.

I don't know, guys. This is a hard post to write. I have no problems admitting that I am not at all perfect, as one can see by reading my LJ in general. But this is not just a "not perfect, deal with it" thing, this is me actively struggling with something that I don't really know how to handle. The celiac diagnosis was a relief at the time; still is, because hey, my energy level is way higher and my pain level is way lower! But this wave of people being diagnosed with the exact kind of cancer I now know I'm way susceptible to, coming right after the death of a friend who was my age, has me spinning a bit. A lot.

And I need to be writing, and Cicatrix just has me frozen, because it means having conversations I don't want to have with family members.

So I'm figuring out how best to treat myself right. Which includes, frankly, not doing some of the self-destructive things I've been doing this past month. And getting back on top of my tasks.

And making time for social time, because my instinct, catlike, is to hide when injured.

So there's that. Now coffee, getting some stuff done, and hopefully a bouncy glee post about the Walk, because it does make me bouncy and gleeful!
Social Change

Go Team Venture!

So there was this walk yesterday! You may have heard me talk about it!

From Walk for Change

Seated: feste_sylvain and yendi
Middle: fiddle_dragon holding Celefin, Beena, El, Kritter, Elayna, me, Rockstar P. held by rintrahroars
Back: swashbucklr, Pete, jennifer, David, badlittlemonkey
Not pictured: letoile82 and her son, who, alas, we never connected with]

Team Venture raised a kickass $2,783.80 for BARCC. We were the #4 team in terms of fundraising, right after the three branches of BARCC volunteers and before the interns. That's pretty staggering. Given a little more money, we could've overtaken Hotline, which has the most volunteers. Pretty awesome, guys.

I'll let everyone thank their own sponsors, if only because I don't have time to go through everyone's lists and match people to LJ names, but from me and Elayna: Thank you so much to our amazing sponsors arianhwyvar, lunalovegoddess, wavesandmoon, fiddle_dragon, feste_sylvain, majes, lordlnyc, alexandraerin, iangunn, Daniel D., miss_lisa_ma, Anonymous, wren13, muse0fire, Richard, browngirl, alicia_stardust, emilytheslayer, shadowriderhope, theferrett, persis, pierceheart, Jaime, lensman, thesilentpoet, Merlyn, Cinema Babe, asim, celticfeminist, swashbucklr, cabell, and phantom_wolfboy! You rule!

I love these walks. Not just BARCC's - I used to do AIDS Walk when I lived in Florida and Georgia. There is something about a gathering of hundreds to thousands (we had 1300) of people who really passionately *care* about something that you yourself care about that just transports me. It is so powerful to look back, as we did exiting the Smoot bridge, and see that river of people streaming out behind you...

My team was amazing. Not just in fundraising, but in general niftiness! This is the biggest walk team I've ever had, and I love that so many wonderful friends came out to walk. They all deserve major props! Team Venture also got major bonus points for staying after and helping take down the Clothesline Project, and for feste_sylvain helping to run a registration table. Yes, I love to help perhaps more than the average person - but my friends are likewise above average. <3

Several co-workers told me today how great it was to see the teenagers. They were just tremendously joyful. We had a really happy group in general!

About halfway through the walk, I started hearing some rumblings of "how much longer?" from said teenagers. So. I sang.

And got them all singing.

"Bohemian Rhapsody". Selected works by Jonathan Coulton and They Might Be Giants. "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot".

The entirety of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.

People were amazed and amused. :)

I care a lot about this work. And I'm the only one in my crowd who does this sort of work, so getting this concrete reminder that all of these wonderful people support this mission and want to help - I keep saying amazing, because it is.

Thank you.