March 29th, 2010



Happy birthday to gumboeditor and lrstrobel!

The weekend has helped me tremendously. Unfortunately, Adam's way sick.

Dear Boston LARPers
mllelaurel and wired_lizard's game "Bard of Avalon" doesn't currently have enough people to run. And. You guys. This game is the reason Elayna and I are going. Come play! Register here. It's free. You like free.

Description: ""The Bard of Avalon" depicts an uncannily familiar dance of marriages and betrayals among the Faerie Courts and contains plotlines from ALL of Shakespeare's plays. The game is recommended for players teenage and older. Familiarity with the source material is useful but not required." (Longer description at site.)

We may have a slot open in our reading. Any WisCon writerfriends still need a reading slot? No guarantees, as that slot may not actually be open! But do tell me. Preference given to people who are silly like me and csecooney. You don't have to be *as* silly. No one is.

Also! I need help manning the Interstitial Arts Foundation table during the Gathering! It's just being perky and dispensing cookies and talking about the IAF.

Friendslisty Stuff
I've been gradually trimming for a bit now and may continue doing so; rest assured that it is nothing personal, it's just a time factor. And you know I almost never post anything friends-only anyway, so you're not missing anything.

Link Soup
* I post a link to ScriptFrenzy just because of the random plot generator there.
* Want to host a Marian Call house concert?
* Action Alert: Nazia Quazi. Canadian woman essentially held hostage by her father in Saudi Arabia.
* Question two is part of why I feel like I need to reassure people that feminism doesn't mean I am a humorless hyperacademic. Just fuck, honey. If you don't feel degraded, it's not degrading (for you). You don't always need the politics in the boudoir. Just have fun.
* Gorgeous. And I kinda really want a print of it.

Daily Science
Research concludes there is no 'simple theory of everything' inside the enigmatic E8. I post this at least half because I know the researcher.

Not-So-Daily Scent-Stuff
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Work - and today's the day I blocked off on my Google calendar as HOME. So. HOME. I will hopefully get writing done. I will definitely get the more active house stuff done (I deliberately had a sedentary weekend). Main goal housewise: seasonal closet changeover, and getting Elayna to finish with her room. If I don't end up napping because I only got 4 hours of sleep because Adam snores twice as terribly when he's sick.