March 23rd, 2010



I'll be offsite for a BARCC thing until late afternoon, at which point I'll be headed to Diesel (because I'll be in town at Diesel time, so nu, why not?).

I've gotten a bunch of e-mails yesterday afternoon/evening that require complicated answers. Not ignoring you! Just wasn't at a computer til 1am last night, and not going to be anywhere near a computer til late tonight.

Due to massive levels of activity, I'll likely crash out between work and my evening thing tomorrow, so the next time I can see myself having any 'net time is Thursday. If your e-mail is time-sensitive, let me know.

I look forward to returning you to your regularly-scheduled shadesong. Still exhausted from pneumonia + this schedule = not my favorite thing ever.
We're grownups now...

I need a bus-interaction icon.

I am on the bus, exhausted, heading home from our staff-day party; it is chilly and rainy, and the guy kittycorner from me is taking up too much space. Tired 'song is tired and would just like to be home under warm blankets.

A young mother and her toddler son get on the bus and sit next to me, with one seat between us. The kid is pointing at me. I smile and wave at him, like you do. He waves back and points again, this time clearly at the fake flower in my hair - green and purple fabric leaves, with purple and black tulle, two sprightly striped feathers, and a big sparkly jewelry finding in the center. His mother says something to me.

I tug my earbuds out - "I'm sorry, I didn't hear?"

She smiles. "He says 'Beautiful!' in Chinese."

"Oh!" I grin again and address him. "Xie xie!"

He laughs and claps, and things are shinier.

This is half of why I wear this stuff. It cheers me. But also it can delight kids to see sparkly feathery things in a sea of plain black raincoats and umbrellas. And that can make things a bit shinier for everyone.

Life with the Gojirawitzes

Me: "One more episode of Veronica Mars left. Want to find out who killed Lilly Kane?"
Elayna: *ponders*
Adam: "Keep in mind if you do watch it, you'll have to go straight to bed after."
Elayna: "...I can wait til tomorrow."
Me: "But I won't be here tomorrow!"
Elayna: "You've already seen it!"
Me: "I want to see it with you!"
Elayna: "I can wait til Thursday."
Me: " don't love me."
Elayna: *melodramatic sigh*
Me: "Nobody loves me."
Adam: "Victoria doesn't love you."
Me: "I know. Nobody loves me."
Elayna: "Max loves you."
Me: *pause* "Okay yes Max loves me."
Elayna: "Ha! And you said nobody loved you. Max is nobody? ...Max is Odysseus!"

How much do I love that that's where her mind went? So much.