March 19th, 2010

Alice: World of my own


Still exhausted. Much less of a cough, though, which I take as a sign of progress.

Dear Wiscon Folks
Today's the last day to sign up for programming! If you want to be on panels, go do that! *crosses her fingers that "Take Back the Sci-Fi" has good people applying*

Link Soup
* The real-life drama behind Back to the Future. (Also, I have always had the hots for Crispin Glover.)
* Cat-Calling, “Bystander Sexism,” and How Sexual Harassment Hurts Men. Note to guys: Hey, you have an actual investment in this. Stand up.
* Prison rape = not hilarious. There'll be a blog post on this topic eventually.
* Muppet Madness Tournament.
* Enver Gjokaj's next move. Personally, I cannot wait.

Daily Science

Friday Memeage
Wearing: Black foldover-neck shirt, jeans, sacred heart socks.
Reading: Going Bovine by Libba Bray and Dead Matter by antonstrout.
Writing: I haven't gotten a damn thing done this week.
Knitting: Mom's scarf.
Planning: Home. Today, work then home. Tomorrow, just home - until I have to get Elayna to and from the Voyagers Teen Event. (Anyone going from our neck of the woods?) And Sunday is her birthday party!