March 15th, 2010

Elayna - Oct08


Happy birthday to my favorite person in the world, my epic awesome daughter!

Breathing easier, but still weak and shaky. And I have to walk to work in this weather. Joy. At least my parents are picking me up.

Has been very trying.

...I am having enough overflow here that I am concerned that I may be an E. Need a fitting at Intimacy, really.

Link Soup
* Sale time at Night Shade books! (Also, this'd be a good time to subscribe to Electric Velocipede, while you're there; I'm in the next issue, and one later this year as well.)
* What the hell you guys. No.
* Sady Doyle dissects the new Lady Gaga video.
* You can now watch all of Cosmos on Hulu.

Daily Science
Jeannine Han, who is in the second year of her master's program in textiles and fashion design at the Swedish School of Textiles in Boras, Sweden, working together with technician Dan Riley, has developed clothing that plays music when touched.

Work, lunch with parents. This afternoon, probably supervising the overhaul of Elayna's room. Tonight, dinner at Not Your Average Joe's. Low-key. Which is good, because I have evening stuff the rest of the week.