March 14th, 2010

Boondock/can't believe

Conversations with my mother

Copy/pasted from a comment elsejournal.

A conversation with my mother, from yesterday:

We are out for brunch. The brunch place is mostly bread-related, with eggs (which I don't eat). I end up getting a fruit plate.

Me: "I just worry that, with stuff like the fruit plate today and the salad last night instead of heartier meals, I'll lose more weight."
Mom, eyeing me critically: "You could stand to lose a few pounds."


I've lost 37 pounds in the less-than-a-year since I came off Lyrica. So quickly that half my hair has fallen out. I'm a US size 4 or 6, depending; I'm a small at H&M, according to yesterday's shopping.

And I am not thin enough for her. Only at a size 0 am I thin enough for her. *Maybe* at a 2. Oh, the things that got said in that house when I was a size 12. *sigh*

Hugging her is like hugging a sack of coat hangers. All bone.

She'll be over in about half an hour. Lucky me. At least I get to pick the restaurant tonight; I'm choosing one with an extensive gluten-free menu so I can eat real food!


So, Boston GF folks, I have four restaurants I'm eyeing; any recommendations? Scampo, Nebo, Aquitaine, and Evoo are certainly options. I hear good things about Oleana, but it's probably too foreign-foody for them. Craigie on Main and Ten Tables are two I've been curious about, but I haven't heard anything about how they do with gluten-free.

EDIT: Nebo and Evoo are closed Sunday argh. Dali and Small PLates are options if I want to go somewhere I've been before.