March 12th, 2010



Happy early birthday to penmage and aussie_nyc, who advance a year over the weekend!

Hello to new reader evila!

Still weak and shaky and out of it. Worse than yesterday morning, but not as bad as last night.

My mother had better not give me shit about the messy house, is all I've got to say.

Yes, parents arrive at 2. And will be here through Tuesday. I am not thrilled. But hey, they're here for Elayna's birthday (which is Monday). I can deal with it every so often. It's just that it seems dreadfully unfair that I have to deal with it when I'm sick.

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Yay, a new story by ogre_san!

Daily Science
In what could be the ultimate marine smack-down, great white sharks off the California coast may be migrating 1,600 miles west to do battle with creatures that rival their star power: giant squids. It's not every day you see a headline that could be on PhysOrg or a SyFy Original Movie.

Friday Memeage
Wearing: Trailer-park flamingo pajamas.
Reading: Shades of Grey by Jasper Fforde.
Writing: I've gotten some Shayara snippets out.
Knitting: Scarf for Mom; pattern adapted from recent baby blanket.
Planning: More bed rest. And - parental visit. We'll see how this goes.

Social Change

I'm walking for you.

The Boston Area Rape Crisis Center 5K Walk for Change is in just under a month. Click here to sponsor me!

Last year, BARCC provided stickers at the Walk that said "I'm walking for ________." I literally stared at this sticker for several minutes just trying to condense it all. I'm walking for my friends. I'm walking for people around the world who've reached out to me. I'm walking for too many people and too many reasons to ever distill it down to something that'll fit on a sticker.

So this year? I'm making a shirt.

And I am walking for you.

For all of you whose lives have been touched by sexual violence. For all you survivors, and for your survivor friends, and on and on.

If you want me to represent you, to write your name on my shirt and be thinking of you as I do this walk, give me your name. Know someone who might like to be represented? Send them on over. Stand up and be counted.

Want to be on my shirt? Tell me your name.

If you're not on LJ, you can e-mail me at shadesong AT

Thank you.