March 11th, 2010


Thor's Day

Happy birthday to the radiant saraphina_marie and sairaali!

Yep, still pneumonia. *sit* I am vexed. And my chest hurts.

If you are a fan of s00j, read this now! And if you're a New England fan, vote for October 1-3, because I'll be at Intervention on the other suggested weekend.

I know you guys know about this stuff.
Elayna wants a top hat and goggles for her birthday. I always wondered how she'd manage to rebel. Now I know. She's gone steampunk.

So. So far as goggles, these seem good and not hideously expensive. As for a top hat... well. She should properly have a Gypsy Lady hat like Tricky Pixie's, but those are custom and she won't get it on time. Recommendations for an inexpensive top hat that is not a piece of crap? EDIT: You know? I'll just give her a Gypsy Lady gift certificate so she can design her own. And a pair of sihaya09 earrings.

Recommendations for other little things to throw in? Do you make anything steampunky? If so, do you do barter? Because I am on a budget, thanks to spending $500 on glasses for myself and Elayna.

Link Soup
* Free Clash cover album!
* Hugo-award-winning editor John Klima's Hugo ballot. Special attention please to the Campbell. :) If you're eligible to vote and haven't yet, please do - the deadline is Saturday!
* Renaming comic books as what you really say about them.

Daily Science
Cryogenic electron emission phenomenon has no known physics explanation.

I am once again couchbound. We'll see if I have sufficient brain to write. If not, I read and knit and nap.
Alice: World of my own


I feel like I should be updating so people don't worry.

So yes. I am lazing about in penguin pajamas; I have finished two books today and am about to start on another one.

I feel that I am very consciously breathing *around* the pneumonia, carefully navigating. My chest hurts sometimes, but disappearing into books helps take my mind off it.

I get tired very easily, but sleep only fitfully.

I don't have sufficient brain to write fiction today. A spot of nonfiction in a certain filter, yes. But while my brain can jump into other people's books, it's not navigating my own as well as I want it to, and I am very particular about doing things just as well as I can or not at all; I find that sometimes when I write a scene it gets set in stone, and I don't want to do that half-assed. So. I will hope for a clearer path tomorrow.

And now I go back to my warm bed with the new Jasper Fforde.
Katchoo - Terry Moore

Oh hey no. That's the wrong direction.

Napped. Woke up with great effort. Feeling very, very listless and wrung out. And now, after second dose of Avelox, very spacey and slow-mo.

Worse, not better. Wrong direction, body. Make a u-turn. RECALCULATING.

Also ick factor - the Mucinex has sucked all of the moisture from my head and deposited it in my throat. But it has not done a damn thing for my chest.

Need to hydrate more, but I'm really nauseous.

My parents will be here tomorrow (and if Mom gives me shit about the house not being clean I will scream), so rest assured that if this trend continues, it'll get handled.

I really hope this sudden wave of zero energy is my body marshalling its forces to repel invaders.