March 7th, 2010


Party Highlights

* Midsummer Night's Dream is dirtier that I remembered. Or we're just all twelve years old. Much giggling. Drama-queeny teenage girls + Emily as the Athenian lovers FTW. Also, Oberon as a mobster and the most over-the-top Bottom and Francis Flute ever; Pyramus & Thisbe's death scene left us all howling. (Next time, Twelfth Night!)

* Speaking of teenage girls, there is nothing like showing geeky teenage girls Real Genius for the first time. They are all in love. With everyone in the movie. slipjig says that from now on, we need to watch every movie with a squeeing section.

* "Can we sing along with Doctor Horrible?"
"Well, it is a sing-along blog."

mendoza walked in just in time for this, for the girls + everyone else who knew the words belting out as much out Doctor Horrible as they could. The next generation rocks. I tell you.

* Betty Crocker gluten-free cake mix FTW!

* Yes, there's always a fiber-arts corner.

* I like having days-long diffuse parties. Because in a crowd this big, people schedule parties right on top of other people's preexisting parties. So it's nice to have it set up so people can wander in and out, and so people who couldn't roller-skate could do Midsummer Night's Dream and so on.

* Also, I really liked Alice in Wonderland! And of course I have thinky thoughts on it.

* Also, slumber parties FTW, but just once I would like the airbeds to not deflate. Two different airbeds. Both deflatermaus. Which leads to morning sex being more of a challenge than I'd prefer.

* And now, 'most everyone's gone. Elayna and Beena are upstairs, and Kritter's crashed out on the couch. Dishwasher's running. I am in my comic-strip pajamas. All is well. Today is a nice slow day, with absolutely nothing on the agenda... which is just what I need.