March 3rd, 2010


Odin's Day

Happy birthday to solcita and water_childe!

Had to go home and nap yesterday because SO TIRED. Hopefully will not be SO TIRED today, as I have no chance to nap.

Roller skating
I think everyone has a ride - tell me if that isn't so! We do have a last-minute request for a ride for two from Medford. And possibly another person or two from the Davis Square area. Will keep you posted.

Oh yes I did
I wore my tiara all day yesterday. Because I was the birthday princess.

(I am still the birthday-week princess today, but I must use my tiara sparingly.)

Thanks for the sponsorships! Keep 'em coming! Spread the word! :)

Link Soup
* Faerie magic x2: csecooney writing about s00j. Make with the clicky!
* Dear Bostonians: Restaurant Week. Oh yes.

Daily Science
Producing graphene layers using crystallization.

Work, Shaw's, home. Start dinner in crockpot; bake cake. Pick enderfem up! Have silly fun with enderfem and felisdemens. ROLLER SKATING Y0.

Oh hey BARCC blog!

Dear people willing to be interviewed for an article on campus sexual assault: You rock, and I have saved all of your names and will get back to you for a later article. My article was pre-empted but for a good cause! Two of our directors wrote an Official Response and asked if that could be the blog post on the topic for this week. So of course yes. It's excellent, and you should go read it.

And! Scroll down! Because Dave has a really great, thoughtful post on the perils of doing this work as a man... it's called "Being the Good Guy". And Tommy has an insightful dissection of "The Lady Gaga Moment".

And neither of those is getting the comments they deserve, so go forth and let them know they're kicking ass. :)

Treats for Tits!

hammercock and taura_g are running treatsfortits again, to raise money for the Susan Komen Breast Cancer 3-Day!

I was saying last night, "I want to contribute again, but baking is now Fraught with Peril for me." And hammercock reminded me that there are other people in our community who do not eat gluten, so a contribution from me would still be valuable.

Prove her right! Go bid on my gluten-free pumpkin muffins!

I have never made these, mind. So I'll have to bake a few batches over my birthday weekend. You know. Just to make sure they're as awesome as possible. ;)

So go bid on those, and on lots of other delicious stuff in treatsfortits! Auction ends Friday!

A thing I do not understand

The opposition to gay marriage.

Because seriously. How does the marriage of my gay friends impact my straight marriage any more than the marriage of my straight friends impacts my straight marriage?


I honestly don't get why anyone's marriage ought to be a problem for anyone else. Naive, maybe? I don't know.

EDIT: This post brought to you by reports of the Westboro Baptist Church protesting in DC today - and yes, I know they're aggressively insane, but there are people who are not Westboro Crazy who see it as a problem and I do not understand.

ALSO EDIT: I have just had to freeze an out-of-control thread and ban vicious_bomber for transphobic bullshit among other reasons. Y'all. Civil fucking discourse. DO NOT MAKE ME TURN THIS BLOG AROUND.
Dib - delicious

Bonus BPAL reviews with Shadesong and Enderfem!

Olisbos: The ancient Greeks sure weren't shy about taking care of business. The port city of Miletus was once famed throughout the Mediterranean as a source of excellent stone, wood, and padded leather dildos. This scent is the celebration of an age-old pastime: polished wood, well-loved leather, and olive oil.


In bottle: Leather leather wood yum
On Enderfem: Oddly greenish! More the olive and wood.
On Shadesong: Olive-oil-rubbed wood. Minimal leather.

In bottle: This. Specifically the whiskey one. OM NOM NOM.
On Enderfem: "I need to be alone with the inside of my elbow for a little bit." Also, "I smell like I've been dipped in chocolate and whiskey."
On Shadesong: I am wagging my tail. OMG. Whiskey chocolate love. Enderfem and I are trying to keep from nomming each other. This is a fudge chocolate. This is a scent to sink your teeth into.