February 23rd, 2010

Katchoo - Terry Moore

Tew's Day

Happy birthday to transfiguration!

Ugh. Glutened at some point yesterday, most definitely. GI stuff plus skin stuff makes that pretty clear. I will remain bathroom-adjacent today and pop antihistamines for the skin...

Dear Marketing/PR Folks
kythryne needs you! She says "I'm looking for a PR person/business who specializes in creative marketing for small businesses/etailers/artists. Non-traditional marketing is what has historically worked best for me (social networking, viral marketing, etc) but I lack the time and energy to do it myself these days. I have a modest budget and equally modest goals. kythryne@wyrdingstudios.com is the best way to reach me." The business in question is the wonderful Wyrding Studios.

Today's Chance to Do Good
mustachiopi needs your votes to win the Crate & Barrel Wedding Giveaway - because she's racing her grandfather's cancer, trying to get married before he passes away. Read about it here. Vote here.

Elayna's Impending Awesome Summer
So my parents call, and they say "Hey, we'd like to take Elayna on this awesome trip to Israel this summer."


Keep in mind that I've never been out of the country. Hell, they don't take me anywhere, and never have. But. Israel. Okay. I'm not going to say no, because it's a wonderful opportunity for Elayna, but dude.

So we switched her from first to second session of Explo so she could go to Israel. Which actually works in her favor, as her first-choice courses were available in second session (she had her second-choice classes in first session). So she gets a trip to Israel, then Criminal Psychology and Forensic Science.

Link Soup
* Happy book release day to antonstrout (Dead Matter) and mouseferatu (The Conqueror's Shadow)!
* The Fug Girls are right. She does look like a superhero.
* ... I want oatmeal brulee.

Daily Science
Life beyond our universe: Physicists explore the possibility of life in universes with laws different from our own

I am spending the day between the bed and the bathroom. Until Elayna gets home and I have to take her for her passport. Will try to write, if the body allows.