January 19th, 2010


Tew's Day!

Happy birthday to jlassen!

Hello to new reader archangelwells!

I. Am. So. Tired. Doesn't help that I got mildly glutened at con at some point. Green Room staff: I think it was the times I had to eat con room service. You guys seemed pretty rigorous about cross-contamination. But I risked salad dressing and probably should not have, but it was the least risky thing the hotel restaurant had. :(

From my perspective, aside from a few WTFs, that went really well. I was crazybusy and only got to one panel I wasn't on! But I think mine all went well, and I've gotten feedback to that effect as well. I'll post a message on the Arisia LJ comm asking for feedback on the lit track in general, so I can hear from people who don't know me and people who weren't commenting specifically about panels I was on.

The downside about being so involved with con backend is that one doesn't get to rally *go to the con* as much. I only managed two parties! But I saw s00j, omnisti, and stealthcello a lot more than I thought I would, partly by virtue of running their merch table at every show, partly because I declared early on that they were High-Priority. A few people were. And it made me absolutely gleeful that I was able to introduce them all to each other. People I love, meet people I love! Yay!

Today's Election
I'm voting for Martha Coakley. Is she ideal? No. Are her robocalls driving me up the wall? Ys. But her opponent, Scott Brown, is godsawful. For an example that relates to my work: He sponsored a bill to deny emergency contraception to rape victims.

OH YES HE DID. So no. I will not be voting for him.

Copying and pasting from miss_lisa_ma: "The thing about the denying emergency contraception to rape victims? He says he doesn't remember much about it. Blue Mass Group has a thread in which they display the language of his original 2005 amendment.

As one blogger on Alternet said, if Brown says it's not about the victim, and the blogger claims it can't really be about the doctors/nurses (since they're not taking the meds in question), and it can't be about a fetus, since there ain't one at this point, who's it about? The rapist, who, in this case, would have MORE rights to spread his seed than the woman he violated. Fuckers.

Oh, and he's a lying sack of shit about being "unfamiliar" with the Tea Party movement, as someone here has VIDEO of him speaking at a 2009 Worcester Tea Party rally."

I encourage you to vote for Coakley today if you agree that the health of a woman who has just been raped is more important than the health of a theoretical few-hour-old zygote. And I'm not getting into the discussion about whether or not women *should* take it, because that's a huge topic and an individual decision, and I know people who've chosen every which way and they all chose what was right for them. But. I passionately believe that they - we - should have a choice.

No Link Soup
Because I am kinda not up on current events. Fill me in!

Must leave early so I can vote on the way to the bus. Work. I have a gap of about an hour between work and a survivor speaker accompaniment, so I'll bring the netbook, and after the accompaniment, Diesel. Another day of being out from 7 to 10, which I did not so much need the day after Arisia, but the survivor speaker specifically requested me as accompaniment because this particular venue is especially difficult for her and she knows me, so I wasn't going to say no. So. Busy is. More Arisia musings later/tomorrow. But dudes, feedback welcome and encouraged. How was your con?

Random twitchy thoughts about Arisia

And like I said, good con! but.

I think I've said quite enough that I don't want people messing with my hair. If I'm okay with you touching my hair, you already know it. If you're not sure, ask. Greeting me by randomly tugging at my hair or rubbing my head makes me want to punch you in the face. You do not want me to want to punch you in the face, I imagine.

Also think I've said quite enough that grabbing me from behind if I don't know you're there is a really bad idea. Someone almost got thrown Friday. It takes effort to *not* throw you when you do that. If you do not want to end up flat on your back and in serious pain, it is a good idea to not play the guess-who game with me, especially in a crowded overstimulating place. If you're coming up behind me, say something and/or gently touch my shoulder to let me know you're there; nine times out of ten, this will result in a big hug for you and no urge to kill.

Part of me says "Eee, yeah, you should've posted this to remind people before the con," and the other part of me says "Um, hello! You've posted about this enough that no one can claim they're unaware of it. Telling people a few times ought to be enough. You shouldn't need to wear a sign."

On a yay, some people are getting the message note: It seems that I have successfully gotten people to remember to ask if they can photograph me instead of assuming. And everyone I knew took my "no, but thank you for asking" gracefully. (One person did not, but it wasn't anyone I know.)

This makes con stuff sound negative, and it totally wasn't. Awesome con. With, as a bonus, lots of cuddliness from friends old and new, and rarely five minutes without hugs from awesome people. This was a very happy snuggly con for me! But those few incidents did make me twitchy at the time, so I am posting this "care and feeding" reminder.