January 12th, 2010


Tew's Day!

Happy birthday to amokk and thevirtualjim!

Ugh. Tired. Slept only intermittently last night.

Yes, this is the first time I've just sat down and written in months. Joining the challenge has already paid off! It's a post-Singularity story, yay SF, and if it feels ready by Arisia (as it should), perhaps I shall read it there.

Link Soup
* Miep Gies has passed away.
* Hey, local writers - mikemarano has a new class!
* Sony is booting Sam Raimi and rebooting the Spidey franchise *blink* *blink*
* New ChiZine!

Daily Science
Scientists from the University of South Florida in Tampa have found a green sea slug is able to synthesize chlorophyll like a plant, which makes it the first animal known to be capable of the feat.

Work; was pondering Diesel, but I'll be out of the house every other night this week, so I think I need to vegetate at home for an evening. Plus that gives me a chance to put the finishing touches on the story when I get home.
Zoe & Wash - by kylakae

Life with 'song and Adam

So. One of the things you wouldn't necessarily know about me unless you've slept with me: I talk in my sleep.

Nay, I have actual conversations in my sleep. Coherent enough that I can easily be mistaken for being awake - except when I am asserting something that is clearly not so.

Example. Last night. I went to bed first, being terribly worn out from my day. Adam came upstairs an hour or so later and turned out the light.

Me, irritated: "I was reading."
Adam: *looks at clearly-sleeping 'song with no book anywhere in sight* "No. You were sleeping."
Me: "No. I was reading."
Max: *jumps onto the bed*
Me: "Hiiiii, Max." *snuggles Max*
Adam: *thinking it's over, gets into bed and drifts off somewhere near sleep, where he hears -*
Me, muttering quietly: "...was reading."

I also at some point told him to put a bookmark in the nonexistent book, which I think was totally reasonable.
Boondock/can't believe

(no subject)

So my biopsy was December 29th, and they said they'd call with the results in one week. It's now been two. So I called.

Person at doctor's office: "Your H. pylorii was normal."
Me: "...uh, that's great. But the biopsy was to confirm a diagnosis of celiac disease."
Her: "...oh."


Her: "Well, I see that you had stomach imflammation, and that the h. pylorii test was negative, but... I'll give him the message that you called."
Me: "Yes. Please do have him call me."

Because it is looking like I went through a month of crushing fatigue and pain and nausea and everything else and two days of utter incapacitation and you people gave me the wrong fucking test is what it is looking like.

And. I did not like this guy anyway, because he didn't seem to be listening; he disregarded my statements about my symptoms because I was asymptomatic at the time thanks to going a month without gluten. So no, I wasn't in pain after a month of treatment.

So what I can see happening is him getting the tube down there, seeing stomach inflammation, and just sampling for h. pylorii (the bacteria that causes ulcers) and not even fucking looking at my intestines.

And I am alternating between wanting to punch a hole in a wall and wanting to cry. And either way, though a certified diagnosis would be nice, I am not fucking doing this again. I am not giving up a month of my life. Not again.
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Figuring shit out

Wow. Okay.

I am actually triggered by this.

Because hey. I was incapacitated. And a man disregarded what I said about my body, did not do what I had consented to, and did something else to my body instead, without my consent.

So, y'know, no fucking wonder.

Talked to my volunteer coordinator a bit, and she pointed out the fact that I went right to "I should have listened to my instinct about this doctor", and she's right - I'd tell anyone else that it isn't their fault and they shouldn't blame themselves. Because it isn't. And I shouldn't.

So yeah. I am feel pretty damn violated right now.

A little clarification

* I couldn't call back and wait on the line for him because I had to go co-run a two-hour BARCC workshop. But I will do so tomorrow after work. (Because he hasn't called back. Of course he hasn't.)

* "Maybe it was a miscommunication" is a valid question; what wasn't clear from my previous posts, because I was too pissed off to go into detail, was that that's not possible. This wasn't a tech misreading the order. The person who performed the procedure is the doctor I saw in the office, the one who tried to discount the possibility of me having celiac because I wasn't visibly in pain when he saw me (when I'd been off gluten for a month) and sometimes had Collapse ) (when there are people with celiac who don't have gastrointestinal symptoms at all). He was the person who did the endoscopy. And I discussed the purpose of the biopsy with the attending nurses/techs. There is no way anyone in that room thought I was there for something else.

And he was an arrogant prick to start with. But I'm willing to put up with that if the arrogant prick is also a good doctor. He's not.

So I'll call back tomorrow and stay on the line til I speak to him directly. Thank you for the links to the med board and all of the advice.


Workshop went fine, and it helped to wrench myself out of the anger and do something constructive. Now I take a nap.