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(discussing something sexual)
Me: "Now you know. And knowing is half the battle."

Kires: "And according to the movie I'm watching right now, the other half is orcs & swords."

Me: "Not my kink." *pause* "But it's got to be somebody's kink..."

Kires: "Orc porn. I'm googling this right now."

Me: "Google 'ringwraith slash', too!"

Kires: "Oh my god. Oh my god."

Me: "What?"

Kires: "Oh my god." *describes contents of website*

Me: "Dude. I can't look at that til I get home. You hafta e-mail me the link."

Kires: "Oh my god. I have to post this. This is too good not to post."

And yet I return from lunch (lunch at home, yay!), and he has not yet posted it....

...stay tuned.

EDIT: He posted it!

EDIT: Oh my god. Oh my god. From sogi and twisteddaydream: Snape/Ringwraith slash

I'm trying to figure out what to quote and I can't because omigod this whole thing is cracking me right the fuck up.

EDIT: It keeps getting wronger. OH MY GOD.
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