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* haikujaguar says: "I am impressed with your writing style because it's very different from the writing style usually used with these kind of stories. It's a little punk and a little romance and a lot of intensity in a kind of clipped poetic style."

Rock on.

I don't tend to think of "writing style" it's just whatever comes through my fingers.

Still, it being one of the two most important things in my life, compliments on my writing please me very muchly.

* My parents are coming to the neurologist with me. Joy.

* I just sent an e-mail request for a seizure response dog application.

* This weekend's projects - yendi will be doing his office, and I will be doing Elayna's room. I plan to beg my parents for a bookcase so we can shelve the mythology books; I believe that if the entire house is clean, save the stacks of mythology/folklore books, Mom will be inclined to acquiesce to my request. She may even suggest it herself; I'll see if she does. Clean houses with one thing out of place tend to make her itchy.

* If anyone can help put Elayna's mirror on her dresser, that would rock. It's a two-person job; that fucker is heavy.

* We've weeded Elayna's books and set aside those that are far too young for her. I know photognome wanted to look those over, for his... niece? Nephew? If anyone else wants to look, stop on by; those that aren't claimed will be donated to the Brandeis Book Sale.

* *twitch* *twitch* The woman I have to deal with to get the AP scores is so monumentally stupid. Must control headstabby.

* On the bright side, I remembered to order enough letterhead & envelopes to send out the AP letters. Go me! I'm making lists whenever my brain is fully-functioning of what needs to be done to start the school year. Because I kinda lose stuff. This morning is not of the good.

* Posted in shawnfarrell. Have decided to really try to write Shayara in prose for now, to be later adapted to comics as m0usegrrl's time permits. I'm still using Shawn as an entry point, until something/someone better occurs to me. I mean, I'm at work, so my writing ain't great; need to just zen out when I get home and see what happens.

'k. I go now.
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