December 20th, 2009

Everyone here is a crazy person.

Oh, Florida. You so crazy.

So I went out to lunch with maxymyllyn yesterday when the rest of the family went to the mall. And we were getting back into his car when I got the following text message from my husband:

"Just saw a pig in a baby carriage at the mall."


A full-sized pig, apparently. Not a wee potbelly pig. Very large pig, in a double stroller. The kind for twins.

Me: "Did you get a picture?"

No. They did not. Because apparently the pig started throwing up. At the perfume counter at Macy's.

There was a *pig* in a *baby carriage* *horking* at the *Macy's perfume counter* and they *did not get a picture*.

No one understands the tragedy that is this. How can you not get a picture of that? For serious! They were too reserved to speak to the pig people. I would have been conducting a video interview with the pig people. I ain't shy. Pig in a baby carriage? I am all up on recording that for posterity.

I cannot *believe* they didn't get a picture. I swear. Pig. In a baby carriage. EPIC.