December 14th, 2009



Happy birthday to dear blackpaladin and cislyn!

Hello to new readers djhath, sidepocket_pro, snakey, and technomage!

Ugh. Out of Lunesta, and it's on "doctor must authorize refills". So I slept for maybe 3 hours last night, in maybe half-hour chunks, and I feel freakin' awful today. Which sucks because this is another 6am-10pm day. (Thankfully the only one this week.)

The other thing that was keeping me awake? Bits of Jessa's story started clicking like whoa. Wish I could bring my laptop today. Nyargh. There is Wednesday.

Also I know what song it'll take its title from. But I'm not sure what lyric yet.

Link Soup
* Oh hai knitters! This is immensely practical!
* Monsanto = evil. a) Paolo Bacigalupi has been warning you about this; b) eat real food.
* Give Kate a word. Get a button.
* Maps of zombie outbreaks throughout history.

Daily Science
The pitch of blue whale songs is declining.

Work ---> lunch with volunteer coordinator ---> coffee with sairaali (bringing BPAL and WTD!) ---> meeting up with Adam and bringing him to BARCC's office to test a new part of the website (they want testing by survivors and their SOs) ---> profit killing two hours or so (I am bringing knitting and a book, but again, argh, wish I could bring the laptop; my laptop backpack is one or two trips away from falling apart entirely, and I need it to stay together for the plane on Friday) ---> BARCC peer supervision meeting + potluck (I am bringing chili).

And now I must run.