December 13th, 2009

Typewriter - tell me about it

I know this is going to make my brain twitch, but it's necessary.

So we're running the "Take Back the Sci-Fi" panel that we ran at Wiscon, at Arisia.

This time? I'm moderating, and the other panelists include two state-certified crisis counselors from NY and asim, so I know this version will run smoothly.

So here's the list that I generated for (and added to at) Wiscon.

What else should be on that list? I've just requested Anne Bishop's Black Jewels trilogy via inter-library loan. What else should I be reading, or at least be aware of?

Two that I'll definitely be adding:
* Handled very well, IMO: "The Mermaids Singing Each to Each", by Cat Rambo.
* Handled very poorly, IMO: "Spar", by Kij Johnson.

I tend to focus more on novels, because more people have read them, but I found the contrast between those two stories striking - not least because they were published in back-to-back issues of Clarkesworld.

So. What've you got?