December 9th, 2009


Odin's Day

Happy birthday to alexjay, avad, and racerxgirl!

'k. Needed the rescue inhaler last night; woke up at 4am needing it, too. That is not good, and is way more than I needed it last year. When you start thinking "I need multiple rescue inhalers so I can keep one upstairs, one downstairs, and one in my purse so I never have to run around trying to find one", there is maybe a problem. I think I must find time to see my doctor. *sigh* When? I do not know. Hopefully it can wait til after Florida. I tend to be triggered by frigid air, which is not so much a problem there.

If I came with a warning label, what would it say?

Mall of Shadesong
Still doing holiday shopping? Visit the Mall of Shadesong! New stores have been added! (I feel like I want a piece of "I can has job" commemorative jewelry, and that'll probably be from a MoS seller...)

My wishlist, rm's wishlist, regyt's wishlist. upstart_crow's wishlist. Have a wishlist? Let me know; I'll link it up! Need my address? Shadesong AT

I'll be away from LJ almost all day today, tomorrow, and Friday; I may get a little time this weekend. Do not assume I will see your posts. Please e-mail me with anything important or time-sensitive.

Link Soup
* haddayr says, "I've been saying I have no idea how many kids Jenny McCarthy has killed, but now I know: 424.
* When allies fail.
* This made me think of barthanderson.
* You keep saying "urban legend". I do not think it means what you think it means.
* This is nifty!

Daily Science
Scientists have ruled out the possibility that methane is delivered to Mars by meteorites, raising fresh hopes that the gas might be generated by life on the red planet, in research published tomorrow in Earth and Planetary Science Letters.

Daily BPAL
Gacela of the Dark Death: Terebinth pine, pitch, and clove.
In bottle: The woods, an hour past dusk.
On me: The clove surfaces, gently topping the pine/pitch. Nice, but not blowing me away. We'll see if it morphs.

Nes Gadol Haya Sham: Collapse )
In bottle: Very dark, velvety brown-black. Opoponax and patchouli.
On me: The lemon verbena kills absolutely everything else. As always. Did I overlook that, or just assume that it wouldn't jump to the forefront with so many other notes in there?

Work! Meeting sairaali to drop off BPAL, if her schedule's malleable. Hitting Harvard Square for some shopping - mascara for me, Lush for women on my gift list, Tokyo Kid for Elayna, and I need to find something for my dad, uncle, and college-age boy cousins (maybe Urban Outfitters for the cousins?). New volunteer info session tonight - running them is part of my job, and this is the only one that overlaps the person leaving this job and me.

In very brief...

...because I am medicated and what to read a bit more of The Devil's Alphabet before I conk out, because it is verra good indeed...

Job = awesome. One cannot underestimate the awesomeness of
a) actively working to make the world a better place
b) doing exactly what you ought to be doing and are passionate about
c) getting paid to do stuff you've been doing/would do for free
d) having a wonderful friendly workplace
And with this job, I have all of the above. WIN.

...also I feel a bit like a celebrity, as apparently my Gala speech made an Impact. I think that was my real job interview!

Weather = heinous. Soaked to the skin, umbrella blowing inside out over and over. Chores should've been fun. This made them hell.

Read a good book at Peet's, though, and started another at Starbucks, waiting out the rain.

New volunteer info session/interviews = also good. This is a thing I'll be running from now on. Volunteer coordination is part of the job.

Getting home at 9:30, twelve and a half hours after leaving home = not so fun. But that's an unusual circumstance.

Tomorrow I have two back to back tablings after work, but they may not need me at the second, in which case HOME. And then helping fiddle_dragon on ApartmentQuest '09.

For now? Bed plz kthx.