December 3rd, 2009


Thor's Day

Happy birthday to batshua!

A petit-four-sized piece of carrot cake = oogyness, pain, hives bad enough to cause my feet to jerk around (anyone else get this? it's like the pain is connected to my feet somehow!), and bloating. This totally fails to be fun.

Save Ju's House!
We're at the halfway mark. Keep donating!

And if you donate $10 or more samhenderson will give you a free copy of her novel! I need to jump on that; it's been on my wishlist for ages.

Check this out, because it is freakin' amazing.

It has been suggested that I look into a netbook, as they are cheaper and more portable than a regular laptop, and I'll be hauling my laptop around town (work ends at 1, meeting's at 6, no sense going home). Any recommendations? Can I run OSX on them? I write with Scrivener, so that's important!

Link Soup
* Chanukah mashups
* As Kottke says: Lady Gaga + typeface = awesome.
* Today in rape culture: this is not okay. Neither is this.

Daily Science
A group of European scientists say they have successfully connected a robotic hand to a man who had lost an arm, allowing him to feel sensations in the artificial hand and control it with his thoughts.

I was going to go pants shopping this morning, but it is ugh pouring. So this afternoon, I hope. Today is a day of scattered writing and house stuff.

(no subject)

I feel like it shouldn't matter that I've lost half my hair. I feel like feeling wounded over this is a vanity thing that I should be able to suck up and get over.

But it matters. Because, as I posted not long ago, my hair is a big part of my identity, and it's one of my favorite parts of me.

35 pounds down in a few months = losing half my hair. And when I realized how fast I was losing weight again, I tried hard to slow it down, but to no avail.

My hair goes in layers from the bottom of my bra strap to midback. When I get my first paycheck, it will be cut to maybe shoulder-length, so when it grows back it won't be all thick on top and thin in the middle and ends. And, like in 2003-4 when this first happened, I will spend some time not looking like myself.

I wish I didn't find that quite so unsettling.