December 2nd, 2009


Odin's Day

Happy birthday to cluegirl, dreamsrundeep, and kaitouace2750!

Gastroenterologist today. Wish me luck?

From BARCC's executive Director: "Today we learned that a 50% reduction in services will be implemented statewide beginning December 15th. Please stay tuned for more information on our advocacy plan.
For now, please encourage people to join this group and post a message about these cuts. I am hoping we will have over 1000 members by the end of this week!"

...our advocacy plan may involve me telling the story of my evidence collection and why we need the SANE program up at the State House, so if you want to take me for ice cream after that? Awesome. In the meantime, keep the pressure on Deval Patrick's office and keep your congresscritters apprised!

Call for help!
alankria says: "My friend Ju (shuju_the_red) needs $2,500 (that's in USD) by 11am Friday, Philippines-time (10pm Thursday for the USA's east coast), or she and her family lose their house. An explanation - and a paypal button - are [here]."

This is totally attainable. And the whole situation is - well, go read. And please help if you can!

Kitties need help, too.
This kitty needs help for vet bills; these kitties need a new home around Tulsa, OK.

Free Will Astrology
Apt again this week. Uncle Rob says: "White dwarfs are small and extremely dense stars. They're typically no bigger than the Earth but as heavy as the sun. You currently have a resemblance to one of those concentrated balls of pure intensity. I have rarely seen you offering so much bang for the buck. You are as flavorful as chocolate mousse, as piercing as the scent of eucalyptus, as lustrous as a fireworks display on a moonless night. Personally, I'm quite attracted to your saucy and zesty emanations, and I think most people with strong egos will be. But some underachievers with lower self-esteem may regard you as being more like astringent medicine. My advice: Gravitate toward those who like you to be powerful."

Link Soup/Daily Science
* Scratchbot navigates with whiskers.
* Super Earths may be superior at fostering life.
* Naked mole rats survive extreme oxygen deprivation.
* Rainbow trapped for the first time.

Gastroenterologist this afternoon and BARCC Survivor Speakers Bureau meeting this evening; will try to be some shopping done in between, if I can work the trajectory right. Because now that I have the job (starts a week from today), I need more than one pair of pants! Also $WINTERHOLIDAY shopping, because Chanukah is holy crap next week already.
Everything hurts/Doesn't work

State of the gut

Biopsy December 29.

Which means going back on gluten from now til then, for maximum gut damage.

No, really, this is what they want. Because if I'm gluten-free, my gut is healing, and the biopsy will show healthy or less-damaged tissue, which doesn't prove a thing.

I have mixed feelings about this. I feel better sans gluten. On the other hand, I want to know for certain - because if this is just a gluten insensitivity and not celiac, I may not always have to be so rigidly non-glutened, plus yay less risk of cancer. On the gripping hand, tortellini.

...I miss tortellini.

But yeah. Yay bread! but boo making myself sick.


Related: will need a ride home from the hospital that morning, as I will be loopy from twilight sedation.

EDIT: The timing is pretty perfect, as it means I won't have to starve myself over the holidays - Christmas gets spent in a tiny town in North Florida, and the nearest GF resources I can find are about an hour away.

Last Valentines auction!

All Valentines are One Valentine, by ioianthe.

A deconstructed four-part mask in a box.

Yes, that's text from the story.

Except on the blue part - that, my dears, is the nerdiest fanfic ever, written by ioianthe, and it cracked me right the hell up. Perfect.

You should go bid.

Also still up for auction:

Necklace/bracelet set by Sarah Evans

Chain of Memories by ojouchan

Valentines choker by kythryne; this piece has snippets of my rading the story on cassette tap and DVD in the bottle. :)

And other stuff that has nothing to do with "Valentines" but is still awesome.

Go bid!