November 25th, 2009


Odin's Day, which is kind of a Friday this week

Happy birthday to cos, hnmic, and settsimaksimin!

Happy early birthday to asciikitty, auton, passionandsoul, and whitecrow0, who all advance a year over the weekend!

My asthma has been crazymaking this year. Also, legs are still saying "you are never to wear those boots again." Otherwise optimistic.

Uncle Rob Says
While walking in an unfamiliar neighborhood, I saw a huge red wooden chair on someone's front lawn. It was big enough for a 20-foot-tall giant. An equally oversized martini glass was perched on the arm of the chair. Nearby was a sign that read, "I have flying monkeys at my command, and I'm not afraid to use them." I assumed this scene was the handiwork of an adorable crazy person who's an admirer of "The Wizard of Oz" mythology. I also flashed on how I could totally see you sitting in that chair. Metaphorically speaking, you too have flying monkeys at your command. I just hope you use them to accomplish good deeds, not evil ones.

Heh. Yes.

I do, you know. In a manner of speaking.

Not a horoscope, but also from Uncle Rob: Have you ever been loved? I bet you have been loved so much and so deeply that you have become jaded about the enormity of the grace it confers. So let me remind you: To be loved is a privilege and prize equivalent to being born. If you're smart, you pause regularly to bask in the astonishing knowledge that there are many people out there who care for you and want you to thrive and hold you in their thoughts with fondness.

Saving SANE
Thanks for the reposts and retweets yesterday! I'm not sure when we'll know - I'll let you know as soon as I know. Can't hurt to keep spreading the word.

EDIT: Shit. From the Facebook group:

Update: Last night the Governor vetoed the 400k supplemental that had been appropriated by the legislature.
Next Step: We will ask for an over ride to this veto. Stay tuned for information on how you can help.

ALSO EDIT: More info:

Last night, Governor Patrick vetoed the $400,000 supplemental budget approved by the legislature. The legislature is out of session until January 2nd, but when they return, we will push for an override, which will require a 3/4 vote.

We are going to start contacting legislators on Monday, but there are two things you can do in the meantime. One is to send a thank you note to Rep. Koutoujian, House Speaker Robert DeLeo, and Senate President Therese Murray, thanking them for their work in passing the supplemental budget. Their contact info is on our website.

The other, if you're on Facebook, is to join the Save SANE group and post a note of support on the Wall for the SANE nurses.

Because of Gov. Patrick's veto, a partial dismantling of SANE will begin on 12/1, heading toward complete elimination by 1/1. We won't know until after the holiday what this means for the Med Ad services before the override vote.

Keep calling, guys.

Google Wave
I have some more invites. Anyone still need one? Invites all gone; everyone through jasra who asked got one.

Women, Action, and the Media is having a really fantastic auction.

The Interfictions 2 auction is still going strong - and four pieces based on "Valentines" go up this/next week!

I tend to fluctuate around xNFx; I used to be INFP, and I drifted. Last few tims I've taken the test, though, I've been pretty solidly ENFJ.

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New s00j song!

Link Soup
* Puzzle acorns.
* Microvolunteering!
* Traci Lords as Dejah Thoris? DO NOT WANT.
* Black Friday deals. (Personally, I'm not going anywhere near a mall on Friday.)
* Star Wars status updates.
* I'm glad we have a president who's keeping his eye on the robots.

Daily Science
Michio Kaku's Physics of the Impossible will be a TV show! Great book. :)

It's-Kinda-Friday Memeage
Wearing: Lichtenstein-esque comics pajamas.
Reading: Celiac Disease: A Hidden Epidemic by Peter Green; Stories from the Plague Years by mikemarano.
Writing: I have two short nonfiction pieces and one short fiction piece I need to jump on.
Knitting: Finished the second Noro shawl Monday; won't get around to blocking it til next week. Back to Travelling Woman! And my train knitting - a simple diagonally-ribbed scarf in baby alpaca for Elayna.
Today I find out about the job. Which is why I've been up for hours. *twitch* But I shall keep myself occupied cleaning, baking pies (found gluten-free crusts!), and doing general Thanksgiving prep. Elayna has a half-day, and Adam basically does as well, so he'll take her to get her bloodwork while I hold down the fort - slipjig and rafaela are due ~3, and hopefully slipjig will be amenable to running me to the airport to fetch gwynraven!
Tomorrow: Thanksgiving! *throws confetti* Planning for food to hit the table ~6, but people can start coming over ~2. Cooking's more fun when your friends are there, after all. :)
Friday: Recovery! And a leftovers party at swashbucklr's old place.
Saturday's another party; Sunday might be a lazing-about-the-house day. We may well need one!

Pimpin' - yuki_onna

Mall of Shadesong

Welcome to the Mall of Shadesong!

Okay, here we go.

I have some immensely talented friends and readers.

There is a major shopping spree coming up for most of you.

These, to my mind, are two great tastes that taste great together.

So! Writers, artists, musicians, et cetera, please pimp yourself in the comments below! Please include a link and a blurb. (If you do commissions, that's good to mention, too.) I'll organize and repost in categories on Monday.

People shopping for $WINTERHOLIDAY - shop here! Give your money to a starving artist, not Wal-Mart.

So. Hit me!

(Click the tag for last year's mall!)
Writing - XanaDuMalion


If you have money and were going to buy me something anyway
My laptop has been dying for a few months; trackpad button doesn't work, but even more troublesome is its fun habit of randomly shutting down. Thank goodness Scrivener autosaves. But still.

I am in desperate need of a new laptop.

So if you were planning to buy me something? gift certificates would be ideal; they're stackable, so I can combine them to make a dent in the laptop cost.

If you make stuff
I would love something you made.

If you like wishlists
I have 'em at and Also, although this is not a wishlist: more yarn, please!

If you have no money but feel like doing something
I love Patti Digh's paper quilt idea. What nifty thing can you do on a 3x5 card?
Magical Drama Queen Roxy!


I can has JOB.


And now that I have it, I can tell you what it is, and you will see why I was so wound up and paralyzed with hope.

It is a part-time job at BARCC.

Half of the job = stuff I've been doing anyway on a volunteer basis.
The other half = stuff I loved doing at my job back in Florida... administrative demigoddess stuff.

And I have a job for the first time in years, and it is a job making the world a better place. Which is what I have always, always wanted. I have volunteered my way into my dream job.

I am excited almost to the point of speechless.

I win.
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Okay, I've calmed down to the point where I can speak in complete sentences again.

I see some of you guessed that it was a BARCC job based on me saying it was perfect. Which just goes to show how perfect it is. :)

So I made that post last weekend as I was paying bills, deeply frustrated and despondent over not bringing money in, knowing that I had to suck it up and probably go get a retail job, and knowing that that would cost me a big chunk of my available-to-BARCC time. Which would suck.

And two days later, I got one of the periodic job-openings e-mails that my volunteer coordinator sends around, that always make me terribly frustrated because they're always full-time or not T-accessible. But this time?

Part-time. At BARCC.

And I looked at the job description and was jaw-droppy. Because not only is it totally in line with what I've been doing, but parts of it are *exactly* what I've been doing - part of it, for example, is managing the Clothesline Project, and I'm already part of the volunteer Clothesline Project team. All of the liaison stuff is with CAPS/public education. Which I have been doing for two years and I know everyone and they like me and dude.

And the other half is administrative stuff - being the point of contact for prospective volunteers, tracking the interview and training process, maintaining databases, doing easy web stuff.

I'm reading this and I feel like Rocco in the backseat in Boondock Saints, where he explodes from stunned silence into "ME! ME!" (Except for the "we could kill everyone" part.) feste_sylvain was like "Whoa. They wrote that for you." Is how perfect this is.

So yeah. :)

20 hours a week. Mornings, so I still have some writing time before Elayna gets home, and I still get to be here for Elayna. :) This will actually be good for my writing, even; I do better at writing when I'm also doing something else. For most of this year, I've been in this awful cycle:

I'm not bringing in money ----> I need to write to bring in money ----> I can't write what wants to be written, I must write stuff to sell ----> DO NOT WANT ----> *not getting any writing done* ----> *feeling like shit over not getting writing done/not bringing in money* ----> GOTO LINE 10.

So now I will be bringing in money and not feeling like a hideous drain on my household. And the pressure is off. And I don't lose any BARCC time/availability (my boss is totally willing to lend me to my volunteer coordinator for morning engagements if necessary).

And I am getting paid to do what I love and help make the world a better place. Like I said. I win.