November 13th, 2009



Happy early birthday to besideserato, catrambo, galdrin, kitteridge, kyburg, and sunspiral, who all advance a year over the weekend!

Same. How long does it take for Teh Itchening to recede?

Oh, Ugh.
A ball I dropped: getting a bus ticket to Burlington, VT for the Enter the Haggis show next Thursday. And now bus tickets are $50+. Anyone know of a cheaper way to get there? Anyone want to drive up with me?

You must read this.
The best newspaper ad Adam and I have ever seen.

Click here. Key ends today, painting tomorrow, art yarn Sunday! And another piece based on Valentines goes up today.

Link Soup
* Vote for Shannon Lambert of Pandora's Project (an online resource for rape/sexual assault survivors) for the L'Oreal Women of Worth Award!
* Sponsor photognome in The Walk to Defeat ALS!
* Unconventional scientists.
* John Barrowman dancing to "Single Ladies".
* Are you fucking kidding me?
* This is about how I felt about Boondock Saints II. :)

If you really like my links
Now you can add shira_links, a feed for my shared items in Google Reader. Because sometimes I just click "share" and don't save 'em for morning.

Daily Science
World's deepest living fish.

Friday Memage!
Wearing: Dandelion pajamas.
Reading: Skinny-Dipping in the Lake of the Dead by Alan DeNiro.
Writing: Gathering notes for book project. Must set a small goal on fiction writing and try to meet it today.
Knitting: Travelling Woman and another "simple yet effective" shawl. Neither of these are very portable, so I ought to choose and cast on something that is.
Planning: Well. It looks like today will consist of me ransacking the house for that one shirt that works perfectly, neckline-wise, with my "Valentines" necklace, which I must wear tonight. This is my favorite shirt, and it goes missing for a few months out of every year, as Adam likes to hang it up to dry and likes to find new, inventive places for it every time. Last time it was under the bed, on his side. It's not there now. I checked.
Tonight is that reading/concert - you're coming, right? Right?
Tomorrow hopefully I'm hosting a Clothesline Project shirtmaking. Hopefully people are available. That was the original proposed day, but I failed at followup.
Sunday night, I'm interested in Raks Spooki, if anyone wants to come.



Readings by me, F. Brett Cox, Matthew Cheney, Theodora Goss, and catvalente. Improvised background music by Brian Francis Slattery, Josef Freakin' Kessler, Michael McLaughlin, and Joe Dejarnette. Organized by the amazing emilytheslayer.

I do not get to use a confetti cannon, because it's $200 to rent. But it's going to be hardcore awesome anyway.

And you get something special from me if you come. <3

RSVP now if you're on Facebook! If you're not, just show up. :)

This is just to say...

...that if you were at Thanksgiving last year, you hopefully just got an invite. If you didn't, maybe I don't have your e-mail address. Or maybe my eyes just glazed over. It was a long list. I dunno.

Either that, or you're from out of state and I don't think you'll be around/will want to drive. If that's not the case, tell me!

This will be the 14th Annual Orphan's Thanksgiving. <3 This is for chosen family. If you're one of us? Come on down and have some pie and watch The Princess Bride. We have fun.
Everyone here is a crazy person.

Afternoon miscellany

Elayna and I go back and forth over whether she's allowed ramen as a snack.
Elayna: "It will be my only ramen of the month!"
Me: "...okay."
Elayna: "Yay! And that is how I will start my Google Calendar. I'll write "only ramen of the month" today. And for every other day I will write "no ramen"."
Me: "Yeah, why don't you do that. That sounds like a great use of your time." many of our conversations, transcribed, just end in "and then we giggled forever".

In other news, Robert Pattinson is turning me into my grandmother. "You look like a hobo! Tuck in your shirt for god's sake! Shave! Did you just crawl out from under your box in the alley and stumble into this premiere? Are you drunk, young man? Have a little pride in your appearance."

Also, the message of Kristin Stewart's ensemble seems to be "Unlike other starlets, I wear underwear." Which is nice, and you should go preach the panty gospel to Lindsay Lohan, but really, we didn't need proof. I, for one, was willing to trust you on this.

EDIT: Also, Pattinson and Stewart: Stand up straight.

Yes, I love Go Fug Yourself. Here's a shining example of their wit and wisdom.

I am now in the headspace of "I am doing Public Speaking tonight and do not know what to do with myself." So. Sort of a controlled flail.