November 12th, 2009


Thor's Day

Cautiously optimistic. I know it'll take a while to start feeling better.

Concern of the day: I'm trying to figure out how paranoid I need be re: cross-contamination. I know I need my own colander. Do I need my own dishes?

IAF Stuff
Bear with me! The reading/concert is tomorrow night, and nothing based on my story goes up next week, so you'll have a reprieve soon. But.

* Did I mention that the reading/concert is tomorrow night? Lily Pad. Cambridge (Inman Square). 7:30pm. This is the first event emilytheslayer's organized for the IAF; help make it even more awesome.

* Auctions! arianhwyvar's Shatterglass Datakey is ending tomorrow. Tempest and Ellen Kushner are duking it out over it; make them work for it! Ilene Winn-Lederer's Visual Fiction ends Saturday, and emilytheslayer's gorgeous art yarn ends Sunday (and I WANT).

* 24 hours more to spread the word and win a free copy of the book. Maybe not precisely. Just - when I wake up tomorrow. So you should get on that today.

Not the best picture of me or of the shawl (it's way more even than it looks there!), but this is the Noro Kureyon shawl all blocked out. We didn't crazy stretch it, just flattened out the garter sections and got the edges to not roll.

Daily Science
Two teams of astronomers have found a planet outside the solar system that might be orbiting backwards compared to its star's rotation, a discovery that could shed light on how unique the relatively perfect alignment of our solar system is compared to that of other planetary systems.

No one has any demands on my time today. Phew. So I'll look at the pile of half-finished short stories and see what I can do there - I'd like to get some short fiction written and in circulation before I dive into Cicatrix and the rape culture book. My headspace has been all tangled lately. Also I should time myself reading "Valentines" aloud.

Oh too also!

Remember to sign up for your Arisia panels! If you want to be on panels, let me know. If you already have the invite mail? Get to it!

I'm actually really excited by how popular some of the literature panels are. Eight of the panels already have more than 10 people interested (some are up to 15), and many more have 7-9. Will be making lots of tough decisions!

Also, panelists, do note in your availability if there's anything you don't want to be scheduled against. s00j's concert? My reading? Yeah, Hugh, I'm lookin' at you. :)

EDIT: As the cutoff time gets closer, I may highlight a few of the panels that aren't getting enough signups to run. I may not; depends how many programming hours I get to fill. If I have as many slots as I have panels with 7+ panelists interested, no point in nudging panels with 1-2 panelists interested. I really do have to run stuff with the most general interest, not just stuff I think is shiny. Fortunately, panels like "Trauma as Character Development" and "Fantasy and Horror in Shakespeare" have tons of interest and will definitely run! But if you see something you really want, can't hurt to nudge your fellow prospective panelists to sign up for it.
Fizzgig! - velvetsteel

Why working from home sucks

Yesterday: Lost entire workday due to child being home from school.

Today: Losing any parts of workday that require concentration (read: most of it) due to people fucking DRILLING into my SIDEWALK.

Because midday is considered ideal for that, because most people are away from home then.

<--- not most people, and not getting any work done, clearly