November 11th, 2009


Odin's Day

Hello to new readers racerxgirl and zelenaia_feya!

Tired tired tired.

Stone Hearth pizza is actually awesome. Phew. Cinnamon GF Chex is oversweet, but edible mixed with Rice Chex.

Y'all, just so you know, I am intensely grateful for all of your help. Especially people like doeeyedbunny walking me through the grocery store and lending me books, and people like mizdarkgirl saying "This is what you can eat at the Boskone hotel." I am worried about cons. I'm used to living on consuite/green room fare. The former is no longer an option. The latter is an option at Arisia, because I trust rosefox and sinboy to label foods; they have always been meticulous about that. But Boskone, Wiscon (where I generally had been getting most of my meals at the noodle place), Readercon...

And I'm worried about my Florida trip, because there seem to be far fewer resources there. I do not want to eat all of my meals at Outback and Olive Garden!

The thing I kept repeating last night was how grateful I am that I'm not the first celiac people have encountered. The trail has been blazed, there is an understanding, I am not alone. The exact opposite of the epilepsy diagnosis. So at last I don't have that trauma.

Veteran's Day
A blanket thank you, and words from wcg, one of the veterans on my friendslist: "...keep in mind that this day is called Remembrance Day in many parts of the world. Remember those who didn't come home, and those who came home changed forever."

In honor of Veteran's Day, 50% of the donations made to haikujaguar's Spots: the Space Marine today will go to charity.

Okay! Shawl is figured out. I think I even know how I screwed it up. We may proceed.

Interfictions 2
* You still have a chance to win a free copy!
* If you want to buy a copy? Porter Square Books has three. I took a picture. <3
* Come to the reading/concert on Friday! This is certified Important To Me, y'all.
* Remember the auctions! Know what would make a great gift for me? This. Just sayin'.
* And you can read the introduction online.

Link Soup
* Tickets available to The Slutcracker! Who's going?
* Vanished Persian army found in desert.
* Free wifi at airports that don't generally have it, during holiday travel season. :)
* Pac-Man-playing Roombas.

Daily Science
A step towards a cure for cancer?

Elayna has no school today and did not do homework last night, so my day will consist of hounding the child to do her homework. Perhaps we'll get to go out and do something. Perhaps not.
Everything hurts/Doesn&#39;t work

Just for the heck of it

So you can see why soy allergy + shellfish allergy + celiac have me going oh crap.

Here's the gluten-free menu for Elephant Walk, which is highly recommended for celiacs. Extensive menu. Good!

Items on menu: 23
Items which are dessert and will therefore be disregarded for now: 3
Items on menu that will kill me: 6
Items on menu that will just make life really suck: 12
Items that will not cause me physical harm but that I do not consider food: 2

Items that I can eat: 3 nontoxic salads, flank steak, chicken breast.

So okay, things exist, but this can get very boring very quickly, you know?

PF Chang's menu is vague enough on their vegetables that I can't guarantee gastric safety; broccoli's a common vegetable at Chinese places, and it causes the stabby pain. So there are two dishes on that menu that could maybe be safe.

My intent here is not to piss and moan, just to illustrate how prevalent soy and shellfish seem to be on gluten-free menus and, as we saw in the supermarket last night, how prevalent soy is in gluten-free packaged foods (microwavable meals, crackers, et cetera). Not a small challenge.

EDIT: On a happier note, when I was lamenting the loss of butternut squash ravioli last night, doeeyedbunny pointed out that I could have sweet potato gnocchi. Because gnocchi is potato flour, not wheat flour! I had forgotten that! So in Italian restaurants, I can have risotto or gnocchi. And Nebo in the North End has an extensive GF menu that, yes, has shellfish, but has a big selection of non-shellfish, too. So next time someone takes me out on a date, that is where they are taking me. Potential dates, you are On Notice.
One Person can Make a Difference

The Sekrit Nonfiction Project

For much of this year, I've been torn between my writing and my activism. Especially when you have a chronic pain/fatigue thing plus motherhood plus a whole bunch of other things, sometimes you have to choose. And I love writing, but the activism is so necessary I have been torn. Heart in two places, and that - among other things - was keeping me from getting much writing done. It has been a year of flailing.

But then I realized that I don't actually have to choose. Or, rather, that I can choose both.

The sekrit nonfiction project I've been alluding to is a book about rape culture. Specifically, it is about how we can change rape culture.

Yes. We. You too! Because I wholeheartedly believe that we all want to change this culture - it's just that you may not know how. Not everyone has time to volunteer at their local crisis center. And not everyone has access to the sorts of workshops we do at BARCC and that other crisis centers do. Not everyone has access to the public education models and tools that we use.

Imagine what you could do if only you knew how. Imagine having a resource that helps you effect this sort of societal change in your spare time, no matter how scant that may be - having a resource of suggestions of what to do in conversations, online interactions. How to be a good bystander and break the Someone Else's Problem Field without being intrusive. How to recognize warning signs and slippery slopes and talk to people about them.

You don't have to devote your life to this change to help make it happen. Just be visible; just speak up.

So yeah. I'm choosing both. I'm choosing to do my BARCC public education work through my writing. (And as I write this, I'll be writing a fiction project as well - Cicatrix, which will be so damn demanding and require such perfection that I'll never be able to half-ass anything ever again.)

There is an Erma Bombeck quote I like: "When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, "I used everything you gave me"."

So yeah. That's where I'm at. I'm currently in heavy research and outlining mode. The main goal of the book will be that public education aspect, giving you the necessary tools, but I'll also be talking quite a lot about what rape culture actually is, so I can sort of dissect it and provide specific ways to target specific aspects of it. I'll be interviewing other people in the field, as well as other survivors. I'll be talking about some of the difficult things people tend not to discuss - because if I'm going to do this, I am damn well going to be thorough. And ballsy. Because that's how I roll.

So, y'know. What I do anyway. But in handy dead-tree form so that everyone gets the benefit of it, not just Boston-local groups who get our presentations.

Because we can change the world, y'all.