November 10th, 2009


Tew's Day!

Hello to new reader wavesandmoon!

Same, basically.

Lots of celiac research yesterday. The problem here is the inverse of some of my other medical things - there's too much information! Lots to absorb.

Elephant Walk is right out, as everything that isn't Deadly Poison is tainted by foul citrus. I am looking at this menu like "why would you willingly put that in your mouth?" I mean, I could have the flank steak, I guess? But I worry about citrus stench. Soy protein and shellfish = anaphylaxis. Citrus just makes me sick to my stomach. I know, I know, with even more dietary restrictions, I need to not be picky, but I'm not kidding when I say it's hard to keep from throwing up when I smell or taste citrus. Some foods I just have texture issues with, and will have to push through, but this one, not so much.

We're having dinner at Stone Hearth Pizza tonight.

Ways to Not Contact Me
We don't pick up our phone. Almost ever. Just when we're expecting a call from a doctor or someone. I just checked our voicemail? 27 messages, dating from as far back as October 16.

So... not the way to reach us.

Second worst way is via LJ message, as that requires several steps just to reply to the e-mail. Really, just e-mail me. If I only have to hit one button to reply, you're more likely to hear back from me. (Is there a way to disable LJ messaging?)

Texting's also good if you know I'm not home; I don't keep track of my cell phone when I'm home. It's a 3G, so I get e-mail away from home as well. E-mail = still the best way.

Out of Sorts
Quite out of sorts today. You can tell, because I am curt. Combination of figuring celiac stuff out and that mass of voicemails, and just being generally exhausted.

Daily Science
Advances in tissue bioengineering have enabled lab-grown bladders, tracheas, cardiac patches and now penis parts.

Yes, your Daily Science today = lab-grown rabbit penises. You're welcome. :)

Agh. Still trying to wake up. Today needs to be a writing day, as tomorrow Elayna has no school. Going to Mind's Eye later to fix my shawl with the infinitely-patient asciikitty, and then Diesel + dinner.
Typewriter - tell me about it

Well, aren't you lucky?

I have three copies of Interfictions 2 to give away!

Note: Giveaway winners agree to review the book on their blog!

Here's how we'll do this:

1. You spread the word about IF2. Tell people about the book, the auction, the Boston reading/concert.
2. You get one entry into the drawing for every mention. Mention all three on LJ? You get three entries. Mention all three on LJ, Facebook, and Twitter? Nine entries! Post links to your pimpage as comments to this entry.
3. Friday morning, I'll use a random number generator to pick the lucky winners. :)

Ready set GO!

Oh hai rape culture!

I quote Jessica at Feministing:

"This is the kind of story that makes you wonder about the basic goodness of people.
A group of past and present University of Sydney students set up a ''pro-rape'' page in the sports and recreation section on Facebook, describing themselves as ''anti-consent''.

The male students, mostly from the elite, all-male St Paul's College, initially ensured the ''Define Statutory'' group had an open, public profile, and proudly displayed their membership on their personal Facebook pages.
Both the commander of the NSW Police sex crimes unit and the head of the NSW Rape Crisis Centre condemned the site, describing it as ''grooming perpetrators of sexual violence''.
And people have the nerve to argue rape culture doesn't exist...
Outside of the general horribleness of this story, Hortense at Jezebel asks a really great question: Why would Facebook allow this group to exist for so long?
This is a social networking site that refuses to let women post pictures of themselves breastfeeding, mind you, but it's okay to make a "hilarious" pro-rape group in the "Sports and Recreation" category? The group was public, by the way, accessible to anyone and visible to all. Interesting, isn't it, that in the eyes of Facebook, a woman shouldn't be allowed to show her breasts while feeding her child, but it's perfectly acceptable for men to make a highly public "sport" out of rape."

I feel like I spend half my time saying "No, I am not exaggerating; yes, stuff like this really exists in the world."

Check out more links here and here. Wondering what rape culture looks like? Quite a bit like this. (And this. And here again is why this isn't funny.)

[h/t aquila_dominus]