October 30th, 2009



Happy birthday to sheistheweather!

Happy early birthday to rafaela and chris_walsh, who advance a year over the weekend!

The main thing is the exhaustion. Pain levels are fine, but I've been brutally exhausted by this week's unrelenting activity. To the point where I struggle to stay awake til 10 in the hopes that I'll sleep through the night. Which I didn't last night, waking at 1:30 and again at 2:30 and finally giving up and getting up around 4. Got back to bed around 6, 6:30? and just woke up.

But hey. This week is pretty much over.
And from now on, I only have one Big Thing to do most days, and don't have to plan my trajectory around Boston with clockwork precision.

You will be happy to know that coffee with mikemarano gets my writerbrain ticking. Unrelated, because it happened pre-coffee, I had a bit of a breakthrough on Places You Haunt when a character I thought was dead started rambling in my head. Turns out he disappeared due to methamphetamine psychosis, not death, and his broken brain has a clear enough idea of what's really going on that my pages of scribbling his stream of consciousness has handed me the last third of the book. And verily I say w00t.

So hopefully I'll get writing time today. Was planning on doing that this morning, but sleep pre-empted that. Hopefully I can get that bit transcribed and maybe get one of the partly-done short stories finished before Miss Kid gets home.

My problem with the writing is that I have so much in process and pushing through at any given time, and I'm crap at triage. I get choice paralysis, flailing about wondering what's next and ending up not getting anything done. Tips on sorting that out are totally welcome. Because right now? Two novels, four short stories, one nonfiction book, and two short stories that I've yet to start but need to get working on for anthologies. My plan right now is to tackle some of the short stuff just because that's the quickest and easiest to finish. And I haven't finished anything for most of this year.

Buy My Knitting!
Tomorrow is your last day to help save_dave by buying my sari-silk wrap. Bid here! Current high bidder is thewronghands, at $50.

Richmond High
I am sure you have read about the gang rape during a high school dance at Richmond High in CA. If you're feeling helpless and want to do something - well, I recommend volunteering at your local rape crisis center if you have time, or donating if you have money. But also there is this: Richmond High School is accepting cards and donations for the victim and her family. They can be mailed to the school at 1250 23rd St., Richmond, CA 94804-1011. Make checks out to the Richmond High Student Fund.

Speaking of rape crisis centers
triedthistwice's reaction to the Richmond High case? She's developing a cookbook... to raise money to fund a rape crisis center in her town (Jacksonville), which doesn't have one. I'm all for creative solutions, and will totally be contributing to this. Join bitchinkitchn!

Quote of the Day
From one of slipjig's callers: "Whatever you do, do the hell out of it."

Daily Science
TED Med! Wish I could go...

Friday Memeage
Wearing: Penguin pajamas.
Reading: Mr. Gaunt and Other Uneasy Encounters, by John Langan, and Pain: The Science of Suffering by Patrick Wall. Just finished Boneshaker, by Cherie Priest, and it's one of the best books of the year.
Writing: A bit of PYH and probably Cicatrix, and hopefully wrapping up "Spaces Between" so I can jump on Maxfield Parrish Blue(s), because I actually have a destination in mind for that one.
Knitting: Still just grabbing minutes at a time to work on Elayna's armwarmers; no time to sit down and cast on Travelling Woman. Hopefully I'll get to do that today.
Today: Writing, knitting, reading, resting, until The Big Broadcast of October 30, 1938 tonight. (Join us!)
Tomorrow: A mercifully unplanned daytime, and I have been made aware of evening dancing/concert plans that I may take someone up on, depending on time and what Elayna wants to do.
Sunday: Again with the mercifully unplanned. Family chill time! But Sunday night is Boiling Point Burlesque, which I'd like to go to. Anyone else?

You? And tell me about your week, too! I'm way out of the loop.
Typewriter - tell me about it

I steal memes.

In this case from pretzelcoatl.

Ask me either a broad question (i.e 'who is your cruelest character?', 'what is your most optimistic story?') or a specific question/request ('what world does ___ come from?', 'tell me about ___') and I will answer you. Or you can ask meta- questions like 'what was the inspiration for creating ____?'

And from bodhifox:

Before the end of 2009 you and I should ____________!
Everyone here is a crazy person.


So Elayna just came home from school.

Me: "That's my shirt!"
Elayna: "Yep!"
Me: "And my sparkly-yarn ponytail holder!"
Elayna: "It is." She turns around.
Me: "And my necklace!"
Elayna: "It's my Halloween costume. I'm dressed as you."

She is for serious! She dressed. As me. For Halloween. Is why she's wearing jeans, too, which she never wears.

She's wearing my socks and shoes, too.


She's wearing a Wyrding Studios pendant, too, it's just under the shirt there.

EDIT: Also, the phrase of the day for us: "I assure you. Be assured." Followed by gigglefits.