October 22nd, 2009


Thor's Day

Happy birthday to techempage!

Meh. I am improving by tiny increments.

Saturday is the anniversary of two of the three best decisions I ever made: marrying Adam and moving to Boston. <3 In celebration, Adam and I will go to the Boston Book Festival and Dali, and see Zombieland.

Feeling a bit less out of balance
Helping out with the save_dave auction did me some good. Lots of amazing stuff there! Check it out!

Also getting stuff done two days in a row helps. *nod*

Link Soup
* Hey, guess what can get you denied health insurance now? Rape. I do not have a coherent response to this yet.
* Some of the items up for auction at the BARCC Champions for Change Gala. Not too late to get your ticket!
* Alligators sing.
* The world of tomorrow, if the internet disappeared today.

Daily Science
The LHC is going back online in November!

Need to familiarize myself with the BARCC workshop I'm leading later today; I've never done this one before. Also I delayed sitting down and knitting yesterday, so I didn't get the shawl done - thing is, now that a row takes 40 minutes, it's hard to grab time. *fusses* But I shall finish it today, because it is so close to being done; I'm on the final garter-stitch section.

Afternoon and early evening = my first real activity since falling ill. I have that BARCC workshop near Downtown Crossing - anyone want to do dinner there? I get out at 6. And before that, I've got to swing by BARCC to discuss my speech for the Gala. And between that and the workshop, I'll hopefully have time to find Windsor Button and pick up some double-pointed needles so I can finally get started on Elayna's devil hat.
Capri - color

I has a shawl!

Needs blocking, so it's still a bit rumply, but! It is off the needles! It is shawl-shaped! I did not screw it up! Exclamation point!

Collapse )

The bits that are bumping up will be smoothed in blocking, I have been told. That will likely happen tomorrow. And it is precisely my five-foot wingspan. Took four skeins after all. EDIT: It's this pattern, but alternating stockinette/garter just whenever I felt like it, with Noro Kureyon 242. Because if you think it's awesome, I totally want you to have one too. <3

Bonus: Max modeling Elayna's sari-silk scarf. She liked my wraps, so I modified the pattern, and now she has a scarf. Max enjoys having scarves-in-progress draped over him as I knit them, so I figured he wouldn't mind modeling.

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Knowing is half the battle

Why I am knitting-obsessive

I blame Emily
I blame Kythryne
I blame Annie

The real answer?

I was determined to learn.



When I started learning to knit this spring, I was still on Lyrica. And my short-term memory issues - which I thought were due entirely to the brain damage - were in full swing.

And for the past five years, I had been unable to learn.

I could not retain new information. Lists with more than two items just slipped right out of my head.

And this frustrated me to the point of tears. Because you guys, I used to be smart, and I used to be quick, and I could not learn anything anymore.

And I said okay, fuck it, I am going to learn a new skill. I am going to learn to knit. And I am going to keep pushing and keep plugging away at it until I can do it, because I am the stubbornest person who ever stubborned and I refuse to accept that I cannot retain information. I am doing this.

And it sucked at first. Emily had to literally hold my hands and guide me. I screwed up my first scarf pretty comically. My first few projects were all garter stitch or 1x1 rib, because I could not retain patterns; retaining "knit 1, purl 1" was a struggle.

But I kept doing it.

And with every project, I have been adding a new skill, and building on that skill with the next project, and so on. This morning, when I held up my first non-rectangular project, I declared "I have unlocked this achievement!"

Over the summer, I changed meds. I still have short-term memory issues, but they've improved greatly. I can follow a several-row pattern now.

I am learning.

So it's not just that the yarn is beautiful to the eye and to the touch, and it's not just that it's nice to be doing something productive as I watch TV with Adam.

It's that I have told my brain that it will work, that I will not stop, that I will retain this information, that I will learn.

And I am doing it.

Shawl poll

I like to have one big project and one small one at any given time, so I can switch things up at will. Trying to decide on my next shawl. I want to do a baby blanket, but I don't have the yarn yet; I already have sufficient yarn that would suit all of the shawls linked below.

Which shawl should I knit next?


I also have a deep and abiding interest in Ishbel and Twilight, but I don't think I'm quite there yet. Travelling Woman is pushing my skill level pretty hard, I think, but I've got to take the leap to lace sometime, neh?

(For the curious, my current small project is a pair of simple armwarmers for Elayna, followed by this hat, also for Elayna. Red is her school color, and she plays in the pep band at football games.

Me: "It's getting chilly. I should make you a hat in your school color."
Elayna: "Mommy. I don't need a hat."
Me: "I can make you a devil hat."
Elayna: *eyes wide*
Me: "With horns."
Elayna: "...I would like that hat.")

I promise this will be the last thing I post about knitting today. Mostly because I'm leaving the house soon.