October 21st, 2009


Odin's Day

Same. Basically, chest is all rattley, which makes me weak and ugh.

Getting Stuff Done
I think if I just tackle one major project per day, I can make progress without making myself crazy. Yesterday, I made there be Arisia programming! ~40 panels to start with. I still feel the need for something on the resurgence of space opera, SF/F poetry, and hard SF, but my brain ran out before I got there, so any thoughts are welcome. Today is figuring out where to send the press release for the IAF auctions. Also I need to muck out the office, familiarize myself with the BARCC presentation I have to give tomorrow, and finish the shawl. (Am so close!) And make the list of stuff on my plate, which I never did yesterday because I just jumped in and started doing stuff.

Other thing I did was get from inbox 150+ to inbox 40; I'll be able to cut that down further today, as a bunch of it is IAF stuff and a bunch is BARCC requests. Just a matter of sitting down and sorting stuff out.

I am a bit cranky because I have been poked at a bit for delays in answering e-mail. Well. My kid got hit by a car, you know. And I have been sick to the point of unable to breathe for two weeks now. I think I get a pass. I am doing my best to clear the decks, because I'm taking on one great big writing project and trying to get to some short fiction I owe people, and I have difficulty getting writing done when my brain keeps nudging me re: all the other stuff I have to do. I'd like to get to a place where I'm not fighting the quicksand of encroaching duties every day and thus not getting writing done. I am not ignoring anyone or anything on purpose; what I am doing is triage. Arisia needed to get done this week. IAF too. BARCC too. I pretty much lost my October and now have to fit everything I needed to accomplish this month into a week. So.

EDIT: Worthy of note: the stuff I'm resentful about getting repeatedly nudged on is stuff that's not my job. Not even any of my volunteer jobs. Nothing I ever agreed to or committed to. It's just people deciding they need a chunk of me right now and damn the torpedoes. And I can't help but wonder if it would ever occur to them to behave this way toward someone who has a day job, or if it's just that they perceive me as having nothing better to do and as owing my time to anyone who wants it just because I don't wear a suit and work i an office.

Save Dave!
popelizbet says, "Dave is going to lose his house this winter, because of a story that's probably so familiar to you by now that you can sing the words. Dave bought the business he worked for, which was thriving, before the events of last year crashed the economy like a bumper car. Then things started to go very, very wrong, once the people who were supposed to be running the economy dozed off at the wheel. It took a year of working himself nearly to death, but the business is back on track. It's doing well enough that Dave can again afford to hire another person coming up soon. But in the process of keeping the business afloat, Dave has gotten behind on the mortgage. It's not in foreclosure yet, but it's coming." He needs $7,000. More here.

There is an auction, because that's how we roll. Anyone have any ideas about what I should offer? What would you bid on?

Link Soup
* Brian Kappel's robot paintings are like artifacts from an alternate world where robots are rockstars, soldiers and burlesque dancers.
* Perpetual Storytelling Apparatus.
* New anthology from Verb Noire!
* I want this hammock. And a garden to sling it over. And a house.

Daily Science
Alzheimer's researchers find high protein diet shrinks brain.

See above, and tonight is date night with feste_sylvain.

Buy my sari-silk wrap!

It is up for auction here at save_dave, at thegreenyear's suggestion. I had a little "meep, but I love it!", but chastised myself and reminded myself that I have already made another one and have the yarn for one more, so really, I can spare it.

Anyway. Want something I made? In like every color ever? You should go bid on that. It is for a good cause. *nod*

EDIT: Also, if zarhooie's family cookbook clears $75, it will include recipes from my family too. :) Pastitsio! Desserts! My birthmom's gumbo! My Thanksgiving recipes!

Is this a thing? Really?

First there was the chicken poncho.

Now I see there is the hen sweater.

...is this a thing now, you guys? Is chicken knitting the hip new trend? Because feste_sylvain and tamidon have a whole bunch of chickens, and I need to know if I am expected to provide for them in my holiday knitting.

I mean, I'm making a cat sweater for Jack, but that's just because I'm mean and want to see him try to writhe his way out of it.