September 19th, 2009



Dali. Dude.

Had a red wine that apparently isn't on the online menu, but it was a perfect accompaniment...

Plato Mixto: Spanish cheeses, Serrano ham, roasted red peppers, olives
This also came with grapes, something that was caperish but large and on stems, and had honey drizzled on the (four different) cheeses.

Conejo Escabechado: Braised rabbit w/red wine, juniper and garlic
Faisán a la Alcántara: Boneless pheasant w/mushroom & bacon
Salchicha de Venado: Farm venison sausage w/pomegranate sauce
Pato Braseado: Roast duckling w/berry sauce
You know, I can't even separate these. They were just all mindbendingly delicious and decadent and rich. A parade of moan-inducing loveliness. Oh man.

Dessert. Dessert! I could not decide. I reluctantly ruled out the churros with chocolate sauce and the Manchego y Membrillo, but I was absolutely stuck on arroz con leche vs. the Ubiquitous Flan. Mark was no help, so I texted felisdemens. The maitre d' checked in as I was doing that, and I had to tell him what I was doing, which cracked him up. "It's like that television show, you have to call a friend?"

"I'm using my lifeline!"

The waiter got to me before Felis did, and he recommended the Ubiquitous Flan (my new band name!) with orgiastic eye-rolling. It was so om nom nom. Mark got the peach and pear poached in red wine. And we had coffee, mine with a generous dash of brandy.

I am a happy 'song. Definitely going back; next time, I bring Adam.

Later tonight, pirate burlesque!