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Scheherazade in Blue Jeans
freelance alchemist
August 28th, 2009 
12:11 am - Drinking
Describe for me your favorite mixed drinks.
10:46 am - Friday
And I totally forgot to do a morning post yesterday. Oops.

The general oof of the early part of the week has dissipated.

Kissing Girls at Cons
Okay, see, I was being silly. I forget that I am seen occasionally as a Voice of Feminism. Bad 'song.

Yes, I totally use that line - but I only use it on people I know. Using it on strangers is kinda schkeevy. I know enough pretty girls fairly well that I don't generally have to wander out into the unknown.

I'm averse to Con Hookups in general - I've twice had them turn into Relationships that took six months longer to die than they should have and ended up all explodey at the anniversary of the initial Con Hookup, and just no.

Which is not to say that I won't have con sex, but it's with people I already know well. (And a certain blond gentleman and I have to solve our perpetual "we don't have a room to use!" problem by January.)

The "tell me about your favorite mixed drinks" post comes from a conversation with kires, who has invented the Dandylion: "one part each of goldschlager, rumplemintz, and frangelica".

I revealed one of the little things that make me feel like I am not yet a grownup: I don't have A Drink. Most everyone I know has A Drink. They walk up to the bar and can place an order. They know what they want. I have zero clue. I'm blinking owlishly at the cocktail menu - "Um, what's in that?"

So I want to have a basic idea of things that I can choose from that won't make me gag. I know that I can't stand rum or tequila, and that anything citrusy nauseates me severely. That would seem to cut out a lot of stuff. Which is good! Less indecision paralysis!

And yes, I can drink on my meds, if only a little. I can have two glasses of wine, that I know. And I stop at least two hours before my evening meds.

EDIT: And since some people are listing their favorite nonalcoholic mixed drinks (and why not?), mine = thai iced coffee. Iced coffee, condensed milk, sugar, cardamom. Om nom nom. Other spices can be used. Sans spices, it's Vietnamese coffee, but I like it best with spices.

Next Time I Visit
I will be six-months seizure-free, and I will just rent a damn car. So people don't have to drive an hour to come fetch me or deliver me home.

Please install autumn for my convenience. I return on Sunday evening, so having cool crisp air by Monday would be excellent. Please make a note of it.

Accomplishments Vary
I haven't gotten nearly as much writing done as I should have. Somehow I always forget how variable my parents' schedules are, and that really I only have three hours "to myself" (Elayna's here, but is fine in her room on her computer) on any given day. After shower, coffee, a meal, settling-in, etc., I have very little time to get any writing done before whichever parent left earlier comes home. Today Mom's due home at 1, for instance. (But at least I've been made aware of that this time, which is not freakin' usual.)

But I've gotten a good deal of the backstage stuff done. Several things are growing quite considerably in my head, and settings are finding their stories. I'll work. And the trip was worth it for time spent with friends.

Another Great Fugitivus Post
Excerpt: All a rapist is looking for is a woman. Any woman can fit this bill. Maybe they have a particular type of woman they’d like to rape; this narrows the field to all women who match the type. But there is no corollary to the robber and his victim; all women have what a rapist wants. No woman has more or less vagina for a rapist to violate.

What some women do have is cultural approval to be raped.

A criminal wants to A) commit a crime and B) get away with it. When we’re talking about rape, any woman fits the bill for A. But only women that bystanders believe deserve to be raped fit the bill for B.

When somebody says, “I don’t think women should be raped for wearing short skirts, but what do they expect when they do go out like that?” what you are actually saying is that if a woman in a short skirt is raped, you will be less likely to hold her rapist culpable. Which makes a woman in a short skirt really appealing to a rapist. That’s something that you did. That’s not something the woman in the short skirt did, or something the rapist did. You made that woman a more comfortable target by making it clear that if she got raped, you would be less upset about it, less willing to see the rapist go to jail, less willing to support the woman. A woman is not increasing her risk of being raped by wearing a short skirt. You are increasing her risk of being raped by saying that women who get raped in short skirts should have expected that. Rapists hear you say that.

Her posts are very long, but really valuable.

Link Soup
* There's a list of 24 words that are going to be cut from the Collin's English Dictionary due to lack of use...So here I am offering these 24 words a new home- on you. And if, once you own the word, you use it, it won't die. I'm eyeing vaticinate, periapt, and exuviate.
* O knitting friends - you want this shirt.
* Wordpress censorship?
* Shop in cluegirl's closet!
* O Seattle friends: Your last chance to see s00j on this trip (with stealthcello, vixyish, and tfabris) is tonight at Soulfood Books!

Daily Science
The detailed chemical structure of a single molecule has been imaged for the first time, say researchers.

The physical shape of single carbon nanotubes has been outlined before, using similar techniques - but the new method even shows up chemical bonds.

Friday Memage
Wearing: Plain green tee and grey pajama pants.
Reading: Still Edible History of the World; I've not had much reading time.
Writing: Most recent thing was "I Am Thinking of You in the Places Between"; worked some on Jessa's story, too.
Planning: Shopping for school clothes when my mother gets back. Elayna gets to hit Hot Topic and Forever 21, and probably Claire's for accessories. We're going to need another suitcase. Seeing Repo tonight with felisdemens, maxymyllyn, laliari, and malluna - anyone else? - and maybe dancing later, where I will also see kires.
Saturday: Absolutely no plans, so if anyone wants to see me one last time, this would be the time. Otherwise it is a day of laundry and packing.
Sunday: Travel.

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