August 6th, 2009


Thor's Day

I slept through the night! Flawless victory!

Cast of Characters
I used to have a "cast of characters" post up to explain who's who in my life. Long since abandoned. Thinking of doing one again. To start with, yendi's my husband, feste_sylvain's my boyfriend, and Elayna's my daughter (together we are the Gojirawitz Girls; like the Gilmore Girls, but geeks); Max, Jack, and Victoria are the kitties. Who else are you curious about?

More on Photography
I was planning a long rambling post breaking down why the photography thing bugs me. But. You do not actually have to fully grok why. All you have to do is respect my boundaries, as I respect yours.

Trip Trip Trip
Gong to NYC Saturday-Monday - Adam's mom scored us a hotel room, so we don't have to impose on anyone and I have guaranteed air conditioning! Elayna and I are flying straight out of NYC to Florida, because it seems silly to take the train back to Boston for four hours and then go to the airport here and wait another two hours, you know?

But what this means is that I have to get everything we need for the rest of August organized and packed over the next two days. And tomorrow's a date day, so I need to get as much done today as possible. Meep.

Mom called yesterday; she's excited about the impending visit. I think it's the first time we've been equally excited about me visiting Florida. She's worried about us being left alone a lot while they're at work - I told her that's so not an issue, what with swimming and our writing and the potential daytime presence of felisdemens and maxymyllyn, and evening presence of them + enderfem, we_happy_few, and kires, middle-school friend Jeff, Rose... and one of Elayna's Explo friends lives down there, and her old American Heritage camp friends... we won't be bored. Gojirawitz Girls are self-sufficient and easily entertained.

Another Rape Post
Excerpted from here:

If we teach women that there are only certain ways they may acceptably behave, we should not be surprised when they behave in those ways.

And we should not be surprised when they behave these ways during attempted or completed rapes.

Women who are taught not to speak up too loudly or too forcefully or too adamantly or too demandingly are not going to shout “NO” at the top of their goddamn lungs just because some guy is getting uncomfortably close.

Women who are taught not to keep arguing are not going to keep saying “NO.”

Women who are taught that their needs and desires are not to be trusted, are fickle and wrong and are not to be interpreted by the woman herself, are not going to know how to argue with “but you liked kissing, I just thought…”

Women who are taught that physical confrontations make them look crazy will not start hitting, kicking, and screaming until it’s too late, if they do at all.

Women who are taught that a display of their emotional state will have them labeled hysterical and crazy (which is how their perception of events will be discounted) will not be willing to run from a room disheveled and screaming and crying.

Women who are taught that certain established boundaries are frowned upon as too rigid and unnecessary are going to find themselves in situations that move further faster before they realize that their first impression was right, and they are in a dangerous room with a dangerous person.

Women who are taught that refusing to flirt back results in an immediately hostile environment will continue to unwillingly and unhappily flirt with somebody who is invading their space and giving them creep alerts.

People wonder why women don’t “fight back,” but they don’t wonder about it when women back down in arguments, are interrupted, purposefully lower and modulate their voices to express less emotion, make obvious signals that they are uninterested in conversation or being in closer physical proximity and are ignored. They don’t wonder about all those daily social interactions in which women are quieter, ignored, or invisible, because those social interactions seem normal. They seem normal to women, and they seem normal to men, because we were all raised in the same cultural pond, drinking the same Kool-Aid.

Read the whole thing. It's by the same person who wrote the "rape jokes" post I posted during Blogathon.

Do Something Good
* Sponsor Rio in the Leukemia/Lymphoma Walk!

Link Soup: Reading Material Edition
* "Notes Toward a Comparative Mythology", by the ever-fabulous wirewalking!
* “Sinner, Baker, Fabulist, Priest; Red Mask, Black Mask, Gentleman, Beast” by the ever-marvelous eugie!
* "Glassface" by James Trimarco

Link Soup: Daily Science Edition
* A study in the journal Nano Letters shows that the well-known rules of heat transfer from a nonflective object, called Planck's blackbody radiation law, break down if the object can be brought close enough to another object while still not touching it.
* The first artificial cell organelle may help researchers find a way to make bioengineered heparin and other synthetic drugs.
* HIV genome structure decoded

Oh augh. It's all trip prep, with reading so I can get through this library book, and writing if I have time. I'm greatly looking forward to this trip if only because it gives me writing time - pure writing time where I'm not fretting about the kitchen being a mess or the floor needing sweeping. Also, I think I need to do a WTD if only for the cash infusion; should toss that around in my head today and see what comes out.

But yeah. Today should be spent packing what I can and charging the electronics and all of that, and going through the backlogged e-mail and getting everything done that I need to. I'll be away from the 'net Saturday-Monday, with only brief e-mail checks first thing in the morning and at bedtime; I'll be online at my parents' house, but not nearly as much.

Twitter/Facebook/maybe LJ?

A hacker attack shut down Twitter on Thursday morning, and Facebook also said it was ``looking into'' possible site problems.

Twitter said in its status blog Thursday that it was ``defending against a denial-of-service attack,'' in which hackers command scores of computers to a single site at the same time, preventing legitimate traffic from getting through.

For users of the fast-growing messaging service, the outage means no tweeting about lunch plans, the weather or the fact that Twitter is down.

Facebook also seemed to be experiencing problems, at least intermittently. Facebook spokeswoman Brandee Barker said the company was looking into it and would have an update ``as soon as possible.''

The Twitter outage began at about 9 a.m. EDT, said Ken Godskind, chief strategy officer at Web performance monitoring company AlertSite. The site still had access problems late morning.

For the people who care about knitting

Packed what I need for the recycled sari silk wrap currently in progress and the fingering-weight version of this shawl (variegated honey-colored merino), and this headwrap (to use up the leftover yarn from the wrap I finished last week) and this scarf (the variegated purple angora/polwarth I got at the NH sheep & wool festival). And printed out patterns.

Not that I think I'm going to finish all of that, but I know I go slightly crazy when I'm in the middle of a Big Project, which the silk wrap kinda is and the shawl definitely is. Which is why I have a bunch of headbands and skinny scarves. So when I'm on row #ohmygodsisitalmostover? of the shawl, I can pick up the headwrap.

All fits in one knitty bag, with the needles, so that's good.

On the non-knitting tip, the rest of my packing should be fairly easy. It's a long trip, but I'll have access to a washer and dryer, so there will be mixing and matching, and with all of last year's travel, I have the "this shirt goes with those three skirts, and also that skirt goes with that shirt which also goes with that" thing down pat. And one of the awesome things about Wyrding Studios jewelry is that a lot of it is pendants, which pack easily, and a handful of 'em should cover all of the colors I've got. (I usually only bring one of the big grandiose necklaces, and I wear it on the plane so it doesn't get smooshed.)

Have to convert .docs and .pdfs .txts and .azws for the Kindle, locate my video camera, and pack the cords.

Oh hai I have trip anticipation!

I'm letting Elayna watch an episode for Gilmore Girls before making her pack and put her clean clothes away. I am nice mama. Though I'm sure she'll disagree when I turn off the TV.