July 15th, 2009


Odin's Day

Happy birthday to cafenowhere!

Hello to new reader autumns_lioness!

Slept marginally better. Marginally.

Still at $433.34. Sponsor me!

Feeling Quite Accomplished
I actually accomplished everything on my to-do list yesterday. For the first time in *ages*. *crosses fingers for continued capability*

Free Will Astrology
Uncle Rob sez: "Long-standing myths are on the verge of mutating. Stories that have remained fixed for years are about to acquire unexpected wrinkles. The effects may be pretty spectacular. I suspect it'll be the equivalent of Sleeping Beauty waking up from her long sleep without the help of the prince's kiss, or like Little Red Riding Hood devouring the wolf instead of vice versa. There's something you can do, Pisces, to ensure that the new versions of the old tales are more empowering than the originals: For the foreseeable future, take on the demeanor and spirit of a noble warrior with high integrity and a fluid sense of humor."

Sounds about right.

Daily Science
Usually when physicists talk about quantum teleportation, they're referring to the transfer of quantum states from one particle to another without a physical link. Now, physicists have investigated a slightly different form of teleportation, in which they teleport a quantum field, or an entire beam of light, from one location to another. This kind of "strong" teleportation is required for some quantum information applications, and could lead to the teleportation of quantum images.

Daily BPAL
Boadicea: Amber, fig, vanilla flower, oak, patchouli, vetiver, dragon’s blood resin, leather, and neroli.
In bottle: Sweetness and resin, with that touch of leather.
On me: Same, with the resin rising above the sweetness. Nice.

Semiramis: Red musk, pomegranate, orange blossom, and melon.
In bottle: Red musk and melon is a weird intersection.
On me: Yeah, there's some odd dissonance there for me.

Must pay bills, if Adam finds time to balance the checkbook before he goes to work. Other than that? It's a day to whip my office into shape and update the corkboard that tells me what stories I'm supposed to be working on. "Happy Hour at the Tooth and Claw", "Maxfield Parrish Blue(s)", and "I Am Thinking of You in the Spaces Between" (fantasy, SF, and SF respectively) are all equally ready to be jumped on, I think. And I have those poetry dares...

And since it looks (tentatively!) like I'll be able to Get Things Done more days than not, it's time to do a master to-do list again and do a few things every day. Next pain-in-the-butt thing: Putting all of the unsold BPAL up on eBay - so if you'd been pondering that sale post, today's the day to hit it!

Fandom: The Next Generation

The latest trigger for the latest greying-of-fandom flareup = a flyer distributed at Readercon titled "This is your father's Readercon!" (Read all about that here. Then come back.)

This flyer, and some subsequent behavior, pissed rather a lot of us off. You can see some of that going on in the comments of that post, so I do recommend that you read. And then read this and this.

What I said at Diesel yesterday, to roozle (herself the mother of some kickass younger fen): "I don't want my father's Readercon. I want my daughter's Readercon."

I don't want SF/F cons to shrink in on themselves and wither and stagnate. I want them to grow. I don't want to be part of an exclusive snotty club. I want to share what I love.

And you guys, I want new conversations, and much as I do truly love next year's memorial guests of honor (Philip K. Dick and Ted Sturgeon), that's not where the new conversations are. That's not where the growth is. I want to talk about stuff that's going on now. I want to speculate about what the future of SF/F will look and feel like.

I want my con. And my daughter's con. And I think a lot of us want that. Because dude. Writers. If you're not reaching out to younger fans, how are you going to maintain a career?

So what I want to look at is not just what alienates younger fans - because I think we already have a textbook case of that in the Readercon flyer issue and subsequent comments by the head of programming there. I want to look at how to welcome younger fans. To show them that this is their place, too. To make a space for them at the table.

Because they're not just our future. They're our present.

My daughter is 14. She's been a panelist at Arisia and Pi-Con. She's participated in fandom charity auctions (she made a piece based on catvalente's Orphan's Tales books). She writes and draws - she and her friends have a fantasy shared-universe comic/story. She reads broadly, and not just YA. She's passionate and articulate and hella smart, and SF/F fandom is a big part of her world - all her friends are geeks! And I feel like she'll be excluded at next year's Readercon, due solely to her age (note: she attended and enjoyed it last year).

So let's talk about how to welcome younger fans. I'll throw this out there for ideas and opinions. Elayna's at Explo through Friday night, but when she returns, I plan to interview her and some of her friends about this. If you know any teen fans, I encourage you to discuss this with them. Because it shouldn't be about us deciding what Kids These Days want. It should be about what they genuinely want.

EDIT: For reference, the infamous Boskone letter that this is reminding Boston congoers of. (This is why there's an Arisia. I'll leave it to people who were there to give more history on that.)