July 10th, 2009



Happy early birthday to misshallelujah, mycroftca, raptorgirl, and xthread, who all advance a year over the weekend!

Hello to new readers kellfire and sevenmpls!

Well, I *was* feeling good. Then I got the bitchslap of nausea and exhaustion. Which I've still got. I shall muddle through this con as best I can.

Up to $424.34, thanks to new sponsors celticfeminist and Ian R!


Oh, re: auctions: I can pretty much ask Black Phoenix Trading Post for anything again this year (thanks, Puddin'!) Ideas?

Reminder: Readercon Schedule
Today: Year in Novels (2pm), Interfictions 2 group reading (3pm), Interstitial Arts Foundation town meeting (8pm), Meet the Pros(e) party
Sunday: Broad Universe Rapid-Fire Reading (noon)

My cell phone number is on my Facebook. Call me if you're at the con and want to grab lunch, dinner, or coffee!

Daily BPAL
Velvet Panther: Dark musk, star anise, agarwood, styrax, vetiver, gaiacwood, King mandarin, violet leaf, and black vanilla.
In bottle: Erf. There are some lovely strong notes here that are not working well in concert for me. I get just a hint of anise before the mandarin and violet take over.
On me: Gack. Definitely heavy on the citrus. Citrus/musk. My wrist is not happy.

Velvet Dogs Playing Poker: Smooth wood, sweet pipe smoke, tonka, and Irish coffee.
In bottle: Ooooh, that's more like it. A paneled library, a glass of whisky. Rich dark brown.
On me: Yep, translates directly. Nice and warm.

Friday Memage
Wearing: Right now? This t-shirt, which I slept in. Later today? Still figuring that out.
Reading: How Doctors Think by Jerome Groopman, and Eyes Like Leaves by Charles de Lint.
Writing: *pained look* Looks like Jessa's story. Which is already longer than "My Empire for Ashes".
Planning: It's pretty much all about Readercon right now.