June 30th, 2009


Status & Blogathon

Status: Same, pretty much. I hope to be able to pack up at many BPAL orders as I have envelopes for today, because I'm all argh that they're not out already. The most frustrating part of this is the lack of focus/concentration, but right after that are the physical weakness and the chills-and-sweats thing. Basically, I feel like I have the flu. And am stoned. (And I never did like being stoned.)

Blogathon: Yes, I am still doing Blogathon! Do me a favor? If you're planning on making something for Blogathon, please get me pics or at least a description in the near future? The auctions don't go up til the 20th, but with me being uncertain of my capabilities for the near future, I want to be hyperorganized.

Also still hoping for more stuff for Blogathon. If you make stuff, think about donating? All proceeds go to BARCC!

...that is all for now.
Boondock/can't believe

Tiny rant

I can't remember the last book I read that had more than a few consecutive pages without typos.

This vexes me. It vexes me very much. Because when I purchase a book, I expect it to be a professional product. I expect it to have been proofread and edited. I find lack of proofreading as unacceptable as, hell, substandard glue in the binding; a book with typo after typo is as unreadable to me as one with its pages falling out.

Just plain unprofessional.


And look, I want to support the publishing industry. If only because I'd like it to still be around when I get around to finishing and submitting *my* books. Right?

But publishers, please - why should I pay you if you're not doing your job?

And keep in mind that I want to pay you. For serious. But just like I'd be annoyed if I bought a necklace and had it come apart in my hands, I get annoyed when I buy a book and find that it's chock full of typos, continuity errors.... one book I read recently changed a character's name three times and had the clear editorial note [name of the ship] in one place instead of the name of the ship. I kid you not.




EDIT: And yes, I would probably be less tinyfistsofrage if I felt healthy, but I don't. So. This never fails to annoy me, mind.