June 18th, 2009


Slightly back on track

Happy birthday to shweta_narayan!

Hello to new reader wyrdkat!

I am sleeping in four-hour chunks. Not only is this Bad For Me, but slices my day up so it feels like I should be in next week already.

21 items on the list already, with more to come as I figure out what I can do and hopefully as more of you think "Hey, that thing I make? That'd do nicely."

Newest is perfume oils from Blooddrop - must see what I can tie into my writing. I think I'll be re-reading my Wind Tunnel Dreams book on the bus this weekend and making a list of ideas. The masks in "A Light Against the Darkness" and "My Empire for Ashes" for ioianthe to work with, for example.

Things people want me to write about
Alternate histories. Sara, coming to Vegas. Something about actors. Thumbs. Something with a happy ending. Quiet miracles. Secret life of clouds. Reimagined fairy tales/Shakesepeare.

Just here to remind me.

I need to look at the fistful of unfinished short stories I have around here.

Finished my wristwarmers! So that's project #2 off the needles.

Trying to decide on the next thing. I'm thinking shawl/wrap, because I like them and am always cold. My big problem is that all the patterns I like require me to buy yarn, and I do not have the money for that indulgence at this time. I have plenty of yarn. I just don't know what to do with it. I ought to enter it all into my Ravelry stash today; they can key pattern searches to what's in your stash. Problem is also I've got lots of stuff that I flat-out don't know what it is - unlabeled gifts from other people's stashes. And I don't yet know how to estimate how much of X yarn makes Y item.

EDIT: Added all the yarns that were labeled. Still have Mystery Yarn. Anyone want to take a look at my Ravelry stash and make a recommendation?

Link Soup
* Clay Shirky on Twitter & Iran
* Charming article on how fibromyalgia is supposedly not real. Because women have it disproportionately more than men, so we must be hysterical, and I don't have to remind you of the origins of that word, right?
* These goats have a tower. I would like a tower. And goats.

Daily Science
A long, deep canyon and the remains of beaches are perhaps the clearest evidence yet of a standing lake on the surface of Mars -- one that apparently contained water when the planet was supposed to have already dried up, scientists said on Wednesday.

Poking through stories. Entering yarns. Pulling BPAL, hopefully. Going to a BARCC colleague's play tonight.

Will be going up to Wyrding Studios tomorrow and staying overnight. Have lost too much of my mind to Iran coverage this week. I need a puppies & shiny things break. Plus also I can help at the arts market, and make earrings based on "Twelve".