May 27th, 2009


Odin's Day

Hello to new readers liminalia, camillealexa, haddayr, sairaali, mamagotcha, mmerriam, moondancerdrake, thewayoftheid, kimberlycreates, and tn_tiger! Allow me to direct you to the post yesterday where I synopsize myself for your pleasure.

Progress is.

Discussion of the "Take Back the Sci-Fi" Panel
It's become apparent that there is ample need for a discussion, and to run the panel as it should've been run in the first place. To that end, karnythia and I have created an LJ community: takebackscifi. We still need to write up the community rules; I'd like to get the first draft of that done today, as well as my introduction. We should have a discussion post up by the end of the week, I hope. For now, we're the only ones with posting access, but everyone can comment.

Because there is a clear need, and also there's a need for it to be concentrated, not spread over several journals. And also because I need to not have quite that much discussion of rape in my personal space on a daily basis. Yeah, this is my wheelhouse, but it can get exhausting, and I want room to post cute cat pictures.

To That End
I've started a WordPress blog, Rape Culture: You're Soaking In It. Because every day, between feminist blogs, the news, and the BARCC e-mail list, I am made aware of rape and sexual assault issues that piss me off, and I end up not posting them on LJ. Because otherwise this LJ would be nothing but that.

There's nothing at RC:YSII yet; will do an intro post later this week. But. Just so you know. It's there.

Link Soup
As a unicorn chaser: shiny things!
* ViolentBelle
* Sihaya Designs
* Possible Daydreams

Daily Science
Neutron stars have the potential to play an important role in understanding some of the mysteries of the universe. One of factors that could help lead to an understanding of gravitational waves and the mechanisms involved in giant flares in magnetars is the strength of the crust that forms on the outside of a neutron star. In an effort to better understand the neutron star crusts, Charles Horowitz, at Indiana University in Bloomington, and his colleague Kai Kadau, at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, have used molecular dynamics to model neutron stars and come up with improved estimates of the breaking strain.

Recapping Saturday, and maybe Sunday. Writing a good few hours before I cycle back to community prep. Massage this afternoon, and then date night with feste_sylvain.

So! How's by you?
I'm totally blogging this

Wiscon: Saturday

Woke up half-dead from concert/parties... I'd intended to go to asim's raqs panel at 8:30am, but that was just not happening. I eventually roused myself for breakfast and a walk around the Farmer's Market to pick up some food for the Journeyman Writers Meeting.

Which was awesome. This is my first year qualifying - you have to have a SFWA-qualifying sale, and "The Angel of Fremont Street" counts, yay! So I got to sit at the big kids' table. :) Some excellent discussion there, led by Vylar Kaftan; it was also great to see jenwrites and rachel_swirsky. Also? The way to make friends = "I brought goat cheese with thyme and whole-grain bread - anyone want some?"

And then it was time for my favorite panel of the con - Kick-Ass Moms. This panel was suggested last year after panelist Jenny Nilsson asked in another panel, "What about the moms - why don't we see more portrayals of motherhood in genre fiction?" The answer? A snooty "We don't want to limit women to their reproductive choices." To which Jenny thought Well, you just did. And lo, a panel - with me, Valerie Guyant, Jenny, and Patricia Wrede.

First off, I was so excited when the room started filling up! I know there can be a defensiveness around this - that many people would prefer to see the typical urban fantasy heroine in tight leather pants who has no relationships. Lone warrior. Which can be fun if that's what you're looking for, but I'd also like to see families. We say women shouldn't be relegated to motherhood and marriage, but I think we make a mistake when we rule that out as an option for the character. There is so much drama in family life! This is rich territory!

Anyway. So happy to see so many people who agreed! And honestly, I've never seen an audience that enthusiastic before. The panelists did our thing, and we jumped almost right away into questions and commentary from the audience. Everyone had great ideas and fascinating questions. One that I'm going to throw out here so other writers can go "Hmm!" and "Ooh!", and because I know haikujaguar already does this: Writing communities. Moms do not parent in a vacuum. What about relationships with other parents? How does the community in your story support parents and families?

Anyway, it was a high-energy and fabulous panel, and I loved it. The suggested reading/watching list is here, please add to it if so moved. And I'm not kidding about starting the subgenre "mompunk". ;)

Caught in conversations in the lobby for a while - I think this is when I met karnythia caught me at s00j's table ~4:00 and invited me to tea in the Governer's Club with some other IAF people - Larissa and her partner, Katya, and Victor. We brainstormed on IAF matters for a while. I get my activist on in situations like this; I start laying battle plans! "This is how we bring the weird shit to the masses!"

After that, dinner with rachel_swirsky, Margaret Ronald, Hilary Moon Murphy (and family), asim, and grntserendipity. Good meal and great companions & conversations. I'm glad I got to spent some less-chaotic time with Rachel. Margaret and I were bumping into each other all con - fly all the way to Wisconsin, and keep seeing neighbors! *laugh*

I remember being bitchslapped by exhaustion after dinner... I sat in the lobby knitting for a bit and making new friends who were entranced by the alchemy of turning string into a scarf. :) Got up to go to the Verb Noire party, saw catvalente, csecooney, C's friend whose LJ name I didn't catch, and Will Alexander - does he have an LJ? - in the next seating area. Ended up hanging out and talking there for a while. Will convinced me to attend his reading the next day, which I'd already been pondering because I <3 his readingmate barthanderson (Wiscon reading are four-person affairs). I had them listen to "The Lover's Aria (from Hieratica in Flames)" that s00j did for Cat's book Palimpsest...

Here. Close your eyes. Listen.

Then to the Verb Noire party! Verb Noire is the brand-new small press that arose from the flames of RaceFail '09. Check it out! karnythia and thewayoftheid were publisher/hostesses, and emilytheslayer was the official Nice White Lady. The refreshments? Were hilarious. Watermelon pops with a sign saying "Sweet Stereotypes". Twizzlers labeled "Enough rope to hang yourself". A whole table of RaceFail flamewar snark. And lots of sugar. Emily, what were the other signs? They were all great. :) Best party of the con. EDIT: Pics!

I missed karnythia's foray into the Tor party, because Nisi Shawl waved Cat over and offered to make her a crown, and when that happens, you say yes. ;) So we hung out in the Aqueduct Press room for a bit, wandered back to Verb Noire, and hit Tor briefly (hottest and stuffiest room at the con!), becaue my body was alrady saying "Fuck you, girl, you are mortgaging future spoons. Go get horizontal NOW." and sending flashes of pain like jazz hands.

So I did.

Sunday in a separate post, after I get stuff done. :)
Elayna - Oct08

ARCs I picked up for Elayna

$1 ARC table = cheap gifts for Elayna! I scored Savvy by Ingrid Law (it's young for her, but I like the concept - magic running in a Southern family), Impossible by Nancy Werlin (she was telling me about this at Readercon last year - anything "inspired by a ballad" intrigues me), Graceling by Kristin Cashore (mixed reviews, but the people who like it really like it), and Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater (whose posts about it have had me bouncing in anticipation). Glee!

She's been hanging on every word of my in-person con report. I think she'll do her best to get to Wiscon next year - really, all she has to do is keep up with her homework. Can't have her missing school if she's not caught up. *decisive nod*

WTD book update

The Wind Tunnel Dreams books are here and are gorgeous - and are way too big to fit into the envelopes we have 'round the house. People who pre-ordered, I have not forgotten you! I just need envelopes.

Anyone know off the top of their head what size envelopes to order for a 400-page trade paperback?