May 15th, 2009

One Person can Make a Difference

Fen of Color United!

karnythia passed this along to me; and everything after the dotted lines is community founder neo_prodigy's. ktempest sums up the latest round of RaceFail here.

I would've been counted as non-white a generation or two ago, but Jews are apparently no longer POC - at least, not where I live. (That's a whole weird sociological thing that merits exploration - the shift of Jews becoming white. Fairly recent. My bubbe wasn't considered white when she was my age. I digress.) So. I'm a white ally, and I hope to see lots of posts from fans of color on Monday - give me great reading material! And in the meantime, read ktempest's new story, a free sample from the upcoming issue of Sybil's Garage: "Élan Vital".


As RaceFail 09 continues, it has become clear that there are those who are hellbent on marginalizing and silencing people of color. In the past few months, minorities have been denigrated by bigoted authors and publishers who have also asserted that Fen of Color are rare and pratically non-existent. Despite numerous discussions and attempts to enlighten on the fact that POCs are fans, writers, artists and just as integral to this genre as our white counterparts, we are continuously dismissed.

On Monday May 18, 2009, we are asking anyone who identifies as a POC/non-white to post this banner, their speculative short stories, artwork, poetry or simply write a post on their favorite fandom on their blogs as an act of protest to show we will not be silent or invisible. The day of protest is entitled Fen Of Color United or more aptly, foc_u.

White allies can also show solidarity for this event by posting this banner and expressing the need for diversity and speaking out against the bigotry in the genre, through posts and/or their creative work as well.

In addition, a new community entitled foc_u has been created. It's designed to be a safespace for POCs/non-whites and white allies to discuss the issues pertaining to RaceFail and a place to counteract its destructive effects. And it's also a fun place for everyone to also discuss their favorite fandoms. While memberships and posts are under moderation for the time being (until the community gets more established and input is welcomed), everyone is encouraged to join and make this a home.

You can help out by spreading the word and reposting this banner on your personal blog or creating one of your own if you'd like.

The gauntlet's been thrown and I for one think it's past time for us to take a stand and let our voices be heard, whether some people want to hear them or not.


Happy early birthday to goddessfarmer and ydnic, who both advance a year over the weekend!

Hello to new reader ginskye!

Doin' okay. Am pondering joining Curves again.

Link Soup
* What makes us happy?
* Pre-order murnkay's new book!
* Books made of computer punch cards. Awesome.
* Real-Life Twitter. So true. I've slowly started to develop a minor Twitter addiction... is good for those random thoughts that don't merit an entire LJ post.

Daily Science
The meticulous design of a seashell has long been a source of fascination for mathematicians, but the biological process involved has remained mysterious. Equipped with a new understanding of how mollusks use an extensive network of nerve cells to coordinate precise deposits of shell material and pigment, researchers can now simulate the growth of almost any seashell on a computer. And while this may delight molluscophiles, the significance is broad: This advance marks a triumphant cross-pollination between mathematics and biology that is also yielding important insights into how complex neural networks interact and communicate.

Friday Memeage!
Wearing: Jeans, BPTP "Volunteer: 2008 Pancake Breakfast and Summoning" tee, mismatched penguin socks.
Reading: A Cook's Tour by Anthony Bourdain.
Writing: "My Empire for Ashes". Current wordcount: 10,724. Seeding just how much Alexander wants to be Telenias, and just how alien his and Katrina's worlds are to each other.
Today: Errand day! CVS, RMV, post office, library, yarn store, and I'll pop into the hair salon and massage place to see about scheduling appointments. No plans tonight, save getting Adam's opinion on flash fiction markets so I can submit some stuff. It's been forever.
Saturday: Star Trek with the family, and mangosteen & lifecollage's party!
Sunday: No daytime plans - but I'm haunted by the idea that there is something and I'm just forgetting it. Evening plans = Enter the Haggis concert in Burlington, MA! Anyone else wanna come?

My score for today

- Checkbook was not balanced, so could not pay bills.

+ Stopped by to see about scheduling a hair appointment at the place that did Elayna's supercute cut. Stylist who did her hair was available right then. Hair has been fixed, and inexpensively; yay!

+ Made massage appointment for the day after I return from Wiscon. Will finally get around to using my Chanukah gift certificate!

+ CVS had my Lunesta, which had to be reauthorized and thus had not been guaranteed before 5pm.

- CVS only had 10 Lyrica. I needed 60 Lyrica. This will get me through Monday, at least, when they should be able to fill the rest of the prescription.

+ Filled out application to volunteer at library!

+ Yummy and good-for-me chopped chicken salad at Not Your Average Joe's.

- Bus full of teenagers screeching like howler monkeys.

- Three-hour wait at the RMV means no driver's license changeover. Have been told that Monday morning is the least busy time. Will return then.

- Trapped in train between Central and Harvard for long enough to remind me of the Doctor Who episode "Midnight".

----- Because someone died on the rails at Porter Square. Unknown if it was suicide or accident.

- Insanely crowded overheated shuttle from Harvard to Porter.

- Mind's Eye Yarns did not have the yarn I needed (Indigo Forest).

+ They did have a pretty jeweltoned alpaca. And they are very friendly.

+ Decompression at Porter Square Books.

+ Met Adam at Harvard Square and bussed/walked home together.

+ Have a potential OMG YAY life development, but I probably won't know more til next week.

Altogether, tired and sweaty and waiting for my baked sweet potato.